Sunday, 28 March 2010

Kudos Spotlight: *Sissy's Textures*

It's great when we get new friends, but it's even nicer when we have an old friend return. This is the case with Sissy's Textures.
The release of the new Kudos chair even drew our own Shep Korvin to wait for Kudos. So make your way down, check out the fantastic textures and Get your new 25 Kudos points that can be found at
Now for those of you who are still a little shy in kudos and have not received my badge yet, send me an in world message stating, "Shep needs a hair cut" to get my limited edition badge sent to the first 3 people.
Good Luck,
Miranda Foehammer

Friday, 19 March 2010

Limited Duration Kudos Spotlight: Quest for the Sword of Thorns Hunt

Greetings Tribe!
Your help is needed. I regret to inform you that a princess has been captured by a very naughty man. Did I mention this princess knows the location of a very powerful weapon? So the question is, will you free the princess or force her to tell you where the weapon is? This is the question posed in the Quest for the Sword of Thorns Hunt.
Now what does this mean to Lucky Tribe? One word: Kudos!
Lucky Tribe has had members who have gone on hunts. Locations which have hosted hunts, but has never been part of a hunt itself. Until now...
Lucky Tribe is now part of a RP intensive hunt. So get yourself in character, get some cute RP garb and join in the hunt. The Lucky Tribe portion takes you all over the grid and when completed will give you a total of 30 Kudos points!
A special thanks to the folks who helped make the hunt happen: Shep Korvin (of course), Helen Daines (Oraganizer Supreme) and Izo Ryba (wonderful props) and to Abundantia for providing the prize for our section of the hunt.
I have also heard it's Unlucky Fish spawning season. The elusive fish has been rumored to be able to be caught at Lucky Tribe HQ. .
The next 3 people who send me a card in world with the phrase, "I seek the grail, err... sword" will get a limited edition Miranda kudos reward. If you have already received this from me, let someone else get the reward.
Good Hunting and Good Luck!
Miranda Foehammer

Monday, 8 March 2010

Kudos Spotlight: 4 New Lucky Tribe Locations

What a week! It's another busy week for us here at Lucky Tribe as we have a few more Kudos opportunities that have brand new locations available for us to partake in. So lets get started. The first store on my list is Clocktower Designs. This store feature jewelry, shoes and even has a cute leprechaun for sale as well. And a Lucky Board for the Kudos minded. It can be found at The Next location on the list is Orrla's Glitter Signs & More. Many moving texture signs both seasonal and those useful for the store that needs that extra sign to point out the newest sales. She also has a Lucky Board. Orrla's store can be found at Green Rabbit Art Gallery has original art by Gwen Difference. She uses many different mediums from pencil to chalk to photography to prim. Check out her exciting art, and her Lucky Chairs at The wheel or the gear turns as it goes at Rag dollz Steampunk Emporium. Wonderful Steampunk and other style clothes to be found here. Check out the clothes and sit in the Luck y Chair at Well I'm going to put my feet up going half way around the grid and ending up in the first region again. The first three lucky folks who send me a note card saying, "She made it around the grid in less then 80 days." will get a limited edition blog kudos prize. If you already have my badge, please let someone else get the award. - Update: All three of the Kudos prizes have been claimed. Good Luck! Miranda Foehammer

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Kudos Spotlight: 3 New Locations

Greetings Tribers!
Today we have three new Lucky Tribe locations! This week that means three Kudos giving Lucky Chairs.
The first one is at Muircastle Builds. Fine jewelry and silks. .
Then next location is The Funky Chapeau Mainstore. For that occasion that screams, I need a hat with with a Koala on it! Make your way down to .
Finally we have All Occasions Gift Shop. Here you will find everything from art to flowers to lava lamps. The store is located at http:/
Finally the next 3 people who send me a note card saying, "We all need a Y and Q alts!" will get a limited edition kudos badge from me. If you already got my badge, please allow someone else to get the kudos.
Thanks Tribe,
Miranda Foehammer