Thursday, 22 October 2009

Prize Spotlight: Abundantia

After looking at quite a few really great Lucky Tribe Redemption Prizes for this post, my inner-geek dragged me back to Abundantia at Uhre-DragonReach (SLurl) for YessikaCalydon Bardenboar's The astounding Ramla, a fortune teller much like you can still sometimes see in arcades or carnivals. As you'd expect, if you want your fortune you pay one of the two "coin slots" L$1 to learn the Ramla's words of wisdom. After that a blue dialog box appears in the upper-right corner of your screen with your fortune, one of 4o inside the machine (20 per "coin slot"). Here is what I got for my buck: "It is only those who have hit rock bottom that ever appreciate the sky."
Of course, I paid myself but I can see using this gadget in one of my shops where I have 40 spare prims to pick up some pocket change. I've used other vendor/toys like this, though not for the income. Rather something like this adds atmosphere and whimsy to a shop or other venue so customers spend more time and, hopefully, see more of your products to buy. The 40 prims is a bit heavy, but the unit is Copy/Mostly Mod so you could adapt it, like remove the feet or add a sign to explain how the device works. I like the cleverness of it I think I'll have some fun with it.
I know I'm gonna have at least as much fun as the Prize Ticket I used to get it is worth and I think you will, too. What? You don't have a Prize Ticket? You need more Kudos? Then contact me in-world with the phrase "I see a Lucky future" and I'll send a prim to you that adds 15 Kudos to your total when you wear it or rez it. I can take only the first seven people who haven't yet gotten the Blogaholic badge. And I'll mark this post as soon as I can when I hand out the last one. [19:36 SLT 23Oct2009] And I got the last one in before my messages capped. That was Lucky. Sorry if I didn't reply to some of you, but that's what capping means.
Are you a Lucky Tribe affiliate with a Redemption Prize that you want to have featured here? Contact me in-world via note card with your shop's LM and I'll drop by to check it out.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Prize Spotlight: Wine and Roses

Second Life® residents love their skyboxes but I prefer to live on the ground. When I rented a large swath of land on a private region I kept my home on the ground and created some lovely landscaping. There were times I could do the same thing when I lived on mainland. But other times when the view was terrible or I needed a high-altitude skybox for privacy I seldom put in windows. After all, what is the point of staring out into an infinity of blueness?
I wish I had come up with Nika Dreamscape's idea of making beautiful faux windows, like this Lucky Tribe Ticket Redemption Prize from her store, Wine and Roses (SLurl). This three-prim, nicely textured piece has copy/mod permissions so you can liven up any wall with a great view through several windows without using a lot of prims. Her shop has several styles you can purchase even if you are on a budget. And be sure to look at the attractive stained glass lamps. While at her shop I won an adorable butterfly patterned lamp from her Lucky Chair.
Actually, it was that chair that got me the extra kudos I needed for the prize ticket. If you need more Kudos, too, contact me in-world with the phrase "I like a room with a view" and I'll send you a prim you can rez or wear for 15 Kudos! First seven people only, though, and if you won the Blogaholic points before this you can say Hi but the points don't accumulate.
6:01pm SLT WOOT! Just got #7 ... thanks for reading, yall. I'll post again soon.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Prize Spotlight: Pooka Creations

Try to remember that lucky is at the heart of the Lucky Tribe. Sometimes you win a chair and sometimes you don't. Sometimes you get a 100% match at Lucky Fortunes and more often you don't. I was rather lucky when I found Pooka Creations (SLurl) because I got two wildcards in a row for great prizes (a carrot juice bottle and 3pak of funny avies). It must have been the presence of the Tiki Bunny, right next to the chair in the Prize Ticket Redemption Board. Here's what is in the box when you use a ticket to get yours:
- 1 Tiki Bunni that you can hug nice and close (mind the splinters)
- 1 Tiki Bunni that dangles from your right hand (it's also brought a carrot along for a snack)
- 1 decorative unscripted Tiki Bunni, 18 prims and 4 meters high (not very prim-conscious, but still fun)
The statue is huge! Maybe even bigger than Shep's (I've been told I must note that "size doesn't matter" regardless of my preferences) and possibly cuter (sorry again, Boss). And the plushies are adorable, too. I can guarantee* that you'll win every chair you see when wearing one of these cute cuddlers. Run right out and get this set now before you lose out on any more prizes! What? You don't have enough Kudos for a Prize Ticket? Contact me in-world with the phrase "But Shep's Tiki is Quality Wood" and I'll send a prim that you can wear or rez to add another 15 Kudos to your total. It's the new Blogaholic badge and everyone is eligible right now. I'll take only the first seven people, though, so hurry up! Oops.. that was fast! Got all seven. Keep reading!
*Guarantee not valid on any day ending in Y. Promise may be void if found to be a fib. Your rights may vary from state-to-state so be sure to visit each and every one before trying to make good on any damages. Keep in mind that is is more hyperbole than an actual guarantee so smile and take it for what it is worth.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Leaderboard, 9th October


No, your eyes don't deceive you... I actually updated on time this week!

There's a few big gains on the boards this week, courtesy of the new Vigil Ritual, and a surprise visit by LostTiki to Wednesday's Detonation game....

All-time Kudos Leaderboard

1) Lalinda Lovell 4335

2) Helen Daines 4310

3) Taonuviel Furuseth 4250

4) Cherry Kirktown 4155

5) Nya Raymaker 3995

6) Tichelle Teebrook 3895

7) Angelfire Teebrook 3875

8) Izo Ryba 3735

=8) Matthew Masingh 3735

10) Geniveve Boucher 3700

11) Jarod Beaumont 3650

12) Gwendolyn Cassini 3605

13) Bird Susa 3545

14) JCS Hawker 3490

=14) Chun Cheng 3490

16) Janus Soulstar 3480

17) Mana Honi 3470

18) Vixana Lupindo 3425

19) Bishop Umarov 3400

20) Gwyndolyn Whitfield 3385

Fastest climbers, last 7 days....

1) Rusalka Pralou 1260

2) oceanna Baxton 1075

3) Fox Ruissatel 735

4) Hydie Baxton 655

5) Muya Jimenez 640

=5) Anthony Navarathna 640

7) krystal Botha 575

8) crissy Soulstar 570

9) joy Marenwolf 565

10) Missy1E23 Quan 560

11) Kiara Katayama 555

12) Louise Dirval 530

13) Azure Twine 525

14) Candi Lavendel 505

15) Janus Soulstar 495

16) Jade Swordthain 465

17) Alycia Unknown 460

18) Bobbi Wahwah 435

19) Jodie Greenwood 420

20) Ang Makira 400

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Leaderboard, 3rd October


I'm a day late with this one (oops!), as I was busy setting up lots and lots of lovely new Lucky Tribe Kudos boost sites yesterday :) ... things are getting pretty close at the top of the table... watch out for the ritual of the vigil, launching this Sunday, and worth 75 points in total!

All-time Kudos Leaderboard

1) Lalinda Lovell 4180

2) Taonuviel Furuseth 4175

3) Helen Daines 4140

4) Cherry Kirktown 3960

5) Nya Raymaker 3775

6) Tichelle Teebrook 3695

7) Angelfire Teebrook 3685

8) Matthew Masingh 3675

9) Geniveve Boucher 3665

10) Jarod Beaumont 3600

11) Bird Susa 3545

12) Izo Ryba 3525

13) Chun Cheng 3490

14) Mana Honi 3470

15) Gwendolyn Cassini 3345

16) JCS Hawker 3325

17) PrincessZelda Nitely 3275

18) FireClaw Foxdale 3270

19) Gwyndolyn Whitfield 3265

20) Bishop Umarov 3225

Biggest gains, last seven eight days. ;)

1) Missy1E23 Quan 1340

2) Aldous Ashbourne 840

3) Alycia Unknown 750

4) Reba Muircastle 590

5) Janus Soulstar 585

6) Shiva Draconia 570

7) Sanura Magic 505

8) Neala Loon 455

9) Olive Soulstar 440

10) Ravlyn Roxley 435

=10) Ang Makira 435

12) Soma Nitely 395

13) Miranna Avril 370

=13) DanielCouch Lexington 370

15) nuck Fackler 365

16) Fidelia Snowpaw 340

17) Winnie Faith 335

=17) YessikaCalydon Bardenboar 335

19) Anyanka Yatsenko 315

20) Oma Infinity 295