Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Prize Spotlight: C&S Designs

C&S Designs (SLurl) sells some very attractive furniture and has two Kudos-bestowing Lucky Chairs. I sat in one recently and noticed a very nice 10-prim tropical beach lounger set available for one Kudos Prize Ticket. I put it on my list of 'want' and came back today after collecting enough points. Is there a better way to celebrate Summer (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) than to kick back and relax on the beach? And this is a good set for that ... all pieces are linked for easy positioning, the sculpties are fast-loading, and the textures are very nice. Each chair has a comfy pose, too. Now look at that pic ... don't I look good on it?
Celebrate Summer with this set and some new Kudos! The first seven blog readers to contact me in-world mentioning this post and the phrase "No More Sand In My Butt Crack" will get a prim to rez or wear that gives them fifteen Kudos! That's right! More than my previous blog Kudos! If you won any of the 10-pointers you are eligible to win these!

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Snapshot Contest


Readers of a nervous disposition may wish to skip this post...

Like all the very best prehistoric deities, the Ancient Tiki Gods were never averse to a spot of good ol' fashioned ritual violence and human sacrifice. This week - in commemoration of the new "adult content" continent opening its doors - we've selected three pictures showing the darker side of Lucky Tribe. But don't worry; we'll be back to the usual mix of fluffy bunnies and hula skirts next time!

Sawed off head

Taonuviel Furuseth loses her head over a Kudos badge.

So Much Pain, So Little Kudos Gain

Tichelle Teebrook finds hidden kudos (sorry about the dress!)

Waiting for VR at Detonation

...and Matthew Masingh finds his "detonation" addiction so overpowering, that he's now moved on to getting his fix from higher-calibre explosives.

If your picture was featured above, be sure to check your inventory for a special Kudos gift from the Ancient Tiki Gods!

Didn't win this time? ...keep posting your Lucky Tribe snapshots to the official Lucky Tribe flickr group! - http://www.flickr.com/groups/luckytribe/

Thursday, 25 June 2009

We're Back!


Vacation is over, server upgrades completed, and despite mother nature's best efforts to take Lucky Tribe off the air (my ADSL line got blasted by lightning last week!), WE ARE BACK!

So, where were we? Well... here's the current Kudos leaderboard, fresh off the press:

1) Bird Susa - 2290

2) crystalbozek Parx - 2260

3) Helen Daines - 2240

4) Lalinda Lovell - 2215

=4) Atriel Starbrook - 2215

5) Nya Raymaker - 2175

6) Matthew Masingh - 2160

7) Cherry Kirktown - 2090

=7) Tichelle Teebrook - 2090

8) Chun Cheng - 2035

9) Moon Fairymeadow - 2005

10) Angelfire Teebrook - 1970

11) Jarod Beaumont - 1935

12) FlutterGirl Looming - 1925

13) Jolly Lovenkraft - 1920

14) Geniveve Boucher - 1890

15) FireClaw Foxdale - 1880

=15) Anistacia Markova - 1880

16) Meepmeep Ruttenberg - 1830

17) Taonuviel Furuseth - 1805

...expect some movement in theses charts, as we release LOTS of new Kudos-earning opportunities over the next few days!

Do you feel lucky? :)

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Prize Spotlight: The PoP Dept. Store

It was inevitable, I suppose, that I'd use this blog for some shameless self-promotion, but I just updated the Lucky Tribe Prize Ticket reward at my shop, The PoP Dept. Store (SLurl) and it's my biggest one yet - four beach hammocks! I wanted to celebrate upgrading my Lucky Cupcake to a full Lucky Chair that gives 25 Kudos along with a custom-designed bamboo beach bar. And if you contact me in-world saying that you read this blog post and use the magic words Beach Bunnies I'll give you a prim you can rez or wear that adds 10 Kudos to your account plus a special fifth hammock in soft blue tones. Only the first 7 people to have not read the blog before get the Kudos but any Tribe member can have the hammock. Hurry!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Prize Spotlight: The Midnight Diamond

Over time I've gotten pretty good at beating prims into submission so that I can make jewelry but when it comes to getting the textures right ... I still need to work at it. So when I saw these rings at The Midnight Diamond (SLurl) I couldn't help but be impressed. Click the pic for a good look and you'll see how well these are textured. They have a luster that is rare to find and a tastefully elegant design. This is well worth spending a Prize Ticket. If you don't have enough Kudos, sit in the chair at the same spot and earn some more.
Or contact me in-world for a ten Kudos prim (rez it or wear it) if you haven't previously received one of these. And since today is my birthday, I'll give the Kudos to the first fourteen people to wish me "Happy Birthday" and I'll give you a special bikini that I made.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Prize Spotlight: Miss Muffet

Just now I picked up 25 Kudos and a nice green 'Summer Sorbet' dress from Miss Muffet (SLurl) and clicked the Midnight Mania for an attractive lavender dress and shoes set. But the big news is the 'Tudor Totty' Lucky Tribe Exclusive prize. This attractive outfit has a bit of a royal English flair to it in gold on rich red. I'm not a dress kinda girl but fun dress like this one would round out anyone's closet. You can almost see it in this picture so I encourage you to visit the store to see it up close. Check out the other fun dresses, too. I'm wistfully looking at another one on the back wall.
Which brings us to the Kudos! If you contact me in-world with the phrase Strawberries & Cream I'll send a prim to you worth 10 Kudos ... just rez it or wear it. If you've already won this one I'll say 'Thanks for reading' and ask you to kindly let someone else win as once you have the 1o Kudos you can't earn more (yet).

Friday, 12 June 2009

Friday Photos (12th June)


The Ancient Tiki Gods shirked their photo-judging responsibilities last week (they were away at an Ancient Tiki God convention, or something like that), so these selections were plucked from a slightly bigger pool than usual...

First up: Atriel Starbrook leads the Tiny accessibility campaign at Tribe HQ....

Tribe HQ - Now Loco Poco Friendly!
(click through to see the bigger - more readable - version!)

Adeline Valeska tests the theory that Fish Tiki gives prizes to anybody wearing a grass skirt and coconut bikini top...

Old Timey Saucy

...while Anistacia Markova attempts to please Fish Tiki using entirely different tactics:


And finally, a 4th "bonus" place, since we had a skip week last friday....

Lillybabe Teardrop takes her revenge on a Lucky Fortunes machine...


(we also noticed Lillybabe wrecking revenge on a poor, defenceless Lucky Chair, elsewhere in the flickr pool. We figured we'd better give her a prize before she decided to turn the boxing gloves on US)

The senders of all these pics should be receiving a kudos award in-world very soon :) ...keep submitting your Lucky Tribe snapshots to the flickr group... we'll announce more winners next week!

Prize Spotlight: Jazmyn D: Skins, Shapes & More

Name me one girl that can't use a pink camo outfit. Right, we all know at least one, but you should show them the from Jazmyn D: Skins, Shapes & More (SLurl). It comes complete with prim belt and hat, both using re-sizer scripts for quick and easy adjustments. The textures are crisp and the edges are sharp. This is a very nice outfit and I plan on wearing it at the next Camo Event I attend as it is sure to be a winner (ample cleavage helps).
While at the store be sure to click the Midnight Mania and stalk the Lucky Chair. I got a nice pair of ankle boots from the latter while writing this post.
If you are one of the first seven readers to contact me in-world and use the phrase everyone needs pink camo I'll send to you a prim you can rez or wear that will add ten kudos to your Tribe account. If you've gotten one of these before just keep chair hoppin' as getting another won't add points.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Prize Spotlight: Bittersweet

The latest rage in Second Life is the Cupcake so it make sense that you'd want to shoot someone with these tasty treats. Thanks to Bittersweet (SLurl), you can indulge your whim with style and zero calories for just the cost of a Lucky Tribe Prize Ticket. While you are at the shop, take your chances with the Lucky Cupcake (how appropriate) outside. You might win a holdable basket that gives out the most elegant cupcakes I've ever seen.
Like my previous posts, the first seven Tribe members to contact me to say cupcakes are delicious will get a special prim to wear or rez that adds 10 Kudos to their totals. If you've already won this goodie, please sit on your hands for now as once you've got one a second (or third, or...) doesn't add more points. 17:44 SLT We've reached the 7 reader/responder limit. Thanks to all for checking out the blog. I'll do this again later in the week!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Prize Spotlight: GL Designs

GL Designs offers a nice set of "Playboy" clothes for men and women in their main store (SLurl). As you can see from the pic, this is a huge pack with something for everyone. And I don't know about you, ladies, but I think I look pretty good in Men's board shorts. As soon as I can snatch up some more Kudos for a Prize Ticket, I'm heading here. One way you can get some Kudos is to contact me in-world and mention you read this blog post. I'll send 7 readers a prim you can rez or wear that will add 10 Kudos to your HUD. Like other wins, though, once you get the Kudos getting another of these prims won't add.
4:19pm SLT ... we've gotten our 7 readers. Thanks!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Prize Spotlight: Roawenwood

Like many of you, I have more clothes than anyone has a right to own, but when I saw the RW - Gunnhild Kirtle/Camisk Set in Moss from Roawenwood (SLurl), I had to have it. So I cashed in my last Lucky Tribe Prize Ticket (gotta go get more Kudos) and ran home to try it on right away. There are several variations in the pack. Above is my favorite, the Peekaboo Skirt. A Tiered Skirt and (full) Skirt are in the box as is just a rope belt (very naughty with no pants or skirt. The wrist warmers you see are scripted to act as bondage cuffs and there is an unscripted set, too. What you can't see is the excellent prim work and the high quality of the textures. The collar and sandals are not included If you've read this far, contact me in-world mentioning this specific blog post and I'll send to you a prim you can rez or wear that will give you 10 Kudos. Aren't you glad you learned to read? As with previous blog Kudos, this is for the first seven people only. Lots of other nice stuff at Roawenwood and I could hardly turn around without seeing a Midnight Mania, a Lucky Chair, or something else really special. This store is really worth spending some time to explore.

A Mysterious Golden Artifact...

The Golden Kudos Kake of the Ancient Tiki Gods

...has appeared at Lucky Tribe HQ. What can it mean? How long will it be there?

Only the Ancient Tiki Gods know for sure!

Monday, 1 June 2009

Normal service will be resumed shortly...


As some of you might have noticed, I've not been in-world very much for the last few days... this temporary slow-down in Lucky Tribe maintenance (and content) is due to the fact that I'm away from home for a couple of weeks, and am only connecting to SL intermittently, via dodgy hotel wi-fi.

However, don't despair! - new kudos boosters and tribe content will still appear during this period (just not quite as fast and furious as you're accustomed to)... Plus, all the existing Lucky Tribe attractions are still running - so consider this a great time to catch up on any tribe badges that you're currently missing ... or to introduce a friend to Lucky Tribe and take on Mentor Tiki's challenge!

This break is something that I've had planned for a long time, and is the primary reason why I haven't really advertised Lucky Tribe in a big way yet... once I get back from this vacation, the way is clear for many weeks of brand new, un-interrupted Lucky Tribe content. Lots of cool stuff lies ahead!

So... make the most of this temporary respite in the kudos-point onslaught... Things will be kicking off big-style when I get back ;)