Sunday, 17 January 2010

Prize Spotlight: Mire-Gentleman's Apparel

My wife needs to visit Mire-Gentleman's Apparel (SLurl) because she's getting into a look that is a mix of Steampunk, Goth, and something in-between with a lean towards men's fashions. The merchandise here appears to be top-notch and very affordable considering the quality. But of interest to the Tribe is this marvelous watch that you can get free as a Lucky Tribe Redemption Prize. This device is singular in that it detects the letter shown on near by Lucky Chairs and notifies you if it is your letter or a "?" on display. It also has an alarm feature that you can set to remind you when to try a Lucky Dip or for similar purposes. Seventy-eight time pieces in all are in the box, representing each letter of the alphabet in three styles of time piece, a pocket watch, a fob watch, or a hat with a watch. Really an astounding prize. So gather your Kudos and cash them in for a prize ticket then ... what? You don't have enough Kudos? The first SEVEN members to contact me in-world with the phrase "I watch the Tribe Blog" will receive a prim to wear or rez that will add 15 Kudos to their total. If you have already received the Blogaholic Kudos before now, you gain only my thanks for reading as the points don't count twice. [26 Jan 2010 10:16] Uccello Poultry: Yay! That's #7! Thanks fof Reading!

Friday, 15 January 2010

Kudos Spotlight: 8+ New Kudos Opportunities...

Greetings Tribers and Tribbettes,
Today I bring you News of 7 new Kudos opportunities, Shep has planned your weekend for you again.
The first on the list is Discomfort Grunge Furnishings. They made a splendid custom Kudos Chair as seen in the picture. They are found at
Kudos opportunity number two is ~*Angel Creations*~ and *Winter Angel Woods* They can be found at
The next one is Leonine & Co. A fantasy avatar shape skin and clothing provider. They can be found at
The last chair on the list can be found at Heavenly Treasures. A furniture store. Check upstairs for the chair at
There are 3 new Kudos Koins for you to dip for:
For all you builders out there the next location is Framelight [K.O.] Mainstore *Textures & Sculpts* It's easy to fall for though.
Gwendolyn Cassini Creations has released a new Kudos Koin also. Scripts, hair, clothes. Please find the Ol'Bran Tub @
The last of the new Kudos Koins can be found at Animations Rising, poses, silks, etc...
So what are the other 2? Well this one is not new, but it is RARE! The Detonation game @ Lucky Tribe HQ will be giving out at least one of the rarest kudos awards out there. The mysterious 8 award will be able to be obtained, probably very painfully this weekend so make your way to detonation this weekend.
So what is the 8? Well sometimes there is news and now there is a News Kudo. The first 7 people who send me an note card with the phrase. "I really need coffee now!" will get the new And now the news... badge.
Update: I have received 7 requests for coffee.
This is not Walter Cronkite signing off.
~Miranda Foehammer~

Friday, 8 January 2010

Kudos Spotlight: Lucky Tribe Fish found hiding at HQ

Greetings Tribe!
Well it turns out that those missing lucky fish of old bygone days of yore were not just your grandma's old fish wife stories...
Um, let me start again...
Those missing lucky fish that some of the old timers have on their lucky tribe HUD that you thought were gone for good are back. Apparently they were hiding at the Lucky Tribe HQ and are now available to be caught again. Fishing quotas what they are you might want to get down to HQ and catch them before they disappear again. Don't have the money for all the bait? Ah, think again there is a fishing pass at HQ. Now you won't need bait to catch that Seahorse you were angling for, but you will not get 7Seas XP either. It is a bit complicated so go to your lucky tribe notices and pull up all the juicy details.
Good Luck!
Miranda Foehammer