Monday, 30 November 2009

Prize Spotlight: Sanura Snowpaw's Dreams

Something different here. Rather than promote a Prize Ticket item, I'm gonna feature many prizes in a Lucky Chair! Sanura Snowpaw's chair at Dreams (SLurl) is filled with lucky goodness: a complete set of eight chair-exclusive "Lucky Tees" chosen randomly every 10 minutes or when someone claims a shirt. Nicely textured and fast-rezzing, each color comes on all three top layers for flexible use with other clothes. Not feeling lucky? You can buy the complete set for just L$400 from a sign near the chair.
If you do have a Prize Ticket to use, right below that sign is one with a decorative kitty collar featuring a 4-leaf clover.
While in the shop, grab the FREE Wear Gray for a Day tee in the box near the chair and some free tees from a Lucky Kitty on the near by table.
Now get ready ... the first seven to feel lucky can contact me in-world and I'll send along a prim you can rez or wear for 15 Kudos! If you've gotten the Blogaholic Kudos before, the points won't count but I'll still send to you a tee that I made ("Save the Whales! Collect the Whole Set!") UPDATE: 12:50PM SLT 03 Dec 2009 Seven people have contacted me. If it wasn't you, sorry! Maybe next time. Keep reading!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Prize Spotlight: Digital Art by Miro Collas

While the quality of Tribe Prize Ticket gifts are very good at all the Tribe affiliates, I have confess to a bias: I don't often wear dresses or "girly" things. I'd love to review those items but as I have to earn my Kudos like you do I tend to trade the tickets in for things I really would use. These "paintings" from Digital Art by Miro Collas (SLurl) are a great example. They will look fabulous in my home (see above) after I put up a wall or two (maybe ... just hanging there is kinda cool). Each is an image taken in SL then beautifully enhanced. I'm reminded of the time I spent at an old farm, savoring the great sunrises I'd see on the way from milking the cows back to the house for breakfast (5am is an ungodly hour to smell a cow). The sculpted frames are well-chosen for the subjects. Each 2-prim object is Mod/Trans so you can resize or gift them, but I think you'll want to keep these. And you'll want to browse the shop for Milo's other works, all very reasonably priced for the amount of effort needed to create them. Of course, you can grab these for free above the Lucky Chair (and grab the near by freebies) with a ticket like I did. What? You don't have enough Kudos to trade for a ticket? Drop me a line in-world with the phrase "Art Evokes Memories" and I'll send to you a prim worth 15 Kudos. Just rez or wear it. This applies to the first 7 responders only, and just the ones that have not gotten the Blogaholic kudos before. I'll throw in a bonus prize, too, and anyone who responds can have that. Thanks for reading! [Update 24 Nov 2009 11:09am SLT - All 7 Kudos vouchers have been given out. Thanks for Reading!]