Saturday, 30 October 2010

LDKO: The last of the Halloween Kudos

So I stumbled back to Water Tiki and asked, "Am I still full of bad luck?" A coconut then fell from the tree above the Water Tiki temple and hit me on the head, before floating up to the surface. He muttered, "flooded". "I thought you said it would go away if I did all of those unlucky chairs." "Unlucky". He said with authority. Unlucky is Watertikese for 13. I counted my unlucky Kudos. Oh my more to go. "Then what are the others?" He asked, "Trick or treat?" There are a number of new LDKO out there folks! First dare to trick or treat with the tikis? Head to each of the elemental temples and find out what Halloween means to the tikis. 1 Trick or treat quest starts at each temple. There are Kookies to be found at Lucky Designs. Ask the tribe and they'll help you get this LDKO. Finally, a previously thought extinct mushroom has been seen at detonation at Lucky Tribe HQ. It is very picky about when it can be seen, so head up to HQ. It will only be there today and tomorrow. Good Luck, hopefully soon... Miranda Foehammer

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

LDKO: The Unlucky Chair Hunt

The day started out pretty much as expected. The clock struck 13 again. As it had every seven minutes for the last two weeks. Getting up, I tripped over my black cat, falling onto my nightstand and shattering the mirror. I tried to stand up and stumbled into my umbrella stand which fell over and my parasol popped opened onto the floor where an unlucky wind grabbed it and dragged it across my kitchen table spilled my salt, finally it rested on my horse shoe which rested for a moment before spilling over upside down. Just as I thought my bad luck for the day was over I received the bill from the clock repairman, who had informed me my clock was possessed and there was nothing he could do about it. Why, oh why, did I do that Unlucky Tribe initiation? Wandering outside I saw dark clouds hanging above, casting my normally tranquil blue island with a menacing reddish sheen. Ghost tiki was still haunting other Tribe locations. Maybe it had to do something with him. I sought out Water Tiki's advice. The Water Tiki Temple, oh so new, oh so improved, was filled with ghostly fish, spinning in a ghastly dance of death. Avoiding their attention I found Water Tiki in a dour mood. "Water Tiki, I'm having the worst luck. Are my fortunes going to get better?" "Drought." Water Tiki spoke in stern tones. "Is there any chance I can reverse my fortunes and bring back the good luck?" "Puddle." he simply stated. "Do you have any good news for me to pass onto the tribe?" "Ocean! Waterspout deeper evaporation, drown... silver-lining!" He proclaimed in formal Watertikese. I floated there pondering his words. "So, in order for the unlucky trend to end we must subject ourselves to a lot more unluck and probably pain, but good things will come from it?" "Glub" So what is this silver lining Water Tiki spoke of? Kudos of course. We have another LDKO. This time Unlucky Chair Hunt. Start purging some of those Unlucky feelings as you get electrocuted, beheaded or implaled at each of the following locations! You only get Kudos for 1 of each of these location if they have multiple chairs. Abundantia: Amethyst Anime: Dreams & Nightmares: (4 chairs spread around) Fnordian Maze: Lovenkrafters: (adult sim) Vintage Perfection: Lucky Designs: After you have purged your unluckiness at each of those chairs check in with Mentor Tiki to claim a special kudos prize! I know I'm going to need alot of asprin during this. If you have not received my blog kudos and are one of the first three people to send me an in world note card saying, "I got you a bottle of asprin." I'll send you a prim for you to wear to get my kudos. Good Luck Tribe! Miranda Foehammer

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Flickr kudos [a bit late]

Nom Nom Nom Nom. Snarf. Burf. Ghost tiki looks up from a binge on Izo's candy apple stash and points to RukukiJiruru Zsun.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

LDKO: Unlucky Misfotunes and The Unlucky Tribe Initiation - The other side of Luck

The veil grows thinner and thinner this time of year. Strange occurrences happening even more often. Ghosts, possessed sky stones, Blogspot preventing image uploads for two hours, tentacle monsters in your dishwater, could it get weirder? Oh yes Virginia, it can and it has... Have you ever asked yourself, just how unlucky am I? Question no longer. At Lucky Tribe HQ right now a new Lucky Fortune has appeared, or should I say, Unlucky Misfortune! You ever wanted to see how bad a match can get? Then find the person you think you will least work out with and try out the "Unlucky Misfortune" at HQ. It's a LDKO so make sure you do it soon! After you have found your unlucky match head up to Initiation Tiki, take your seat and get initiated into "Unlucky Tribe." You know the routine, "Do you feel lucky?" Not for now you don't! Again, this is another of the LDK Ops for the season. Don't be late, you'll be sorry. For all those who still need my blog kudos, the next three people who send me an in world note card saying, "I still believe in spooks!" will get my blog badge. Feeling Unlucky, Miranda Foehammer

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Kudos Spotlight: LDKO The Scary Season...

I was roused from sleep by a disquieting dream. Not remembering the details, I layed snuggled in bed, buried under the covers trying to get back to sleep. A cold wind blew thru the room forcing me to bury my head under the blanket when the clock on my mantle started to chime. Bing, bing, bing... I had no idea of the time so I listened to the chimes. 13. My cat jumped onto the bed and tried to get under the covers. I sat there and just pet him, I felt his concern as well. The veils between worlds were growing thin, and I knew the season of Halloween had come to Lucky Tribe. So we knew that the Unlucky Dip had shown up at Lucky Tribe HQ so I asked around. Rumors of a Ghostly Tiki had surfaced again. Now I know what you are thinking, how can a tiki become a ghost? I don't know the answer to that but I started my search. LTHQ would be the best place to start the search so I figured I would start at the bottom up. I reached the area of the sky stones and looked around. There is a new ghostly engraving near the stones. 13. Hmm this had to have something to do with the Sky stones game. Still no ghost tiki. I made my way up to Fish Tiki's pond and saw the oddest devilish sea-horse poke it's head up out of the water. I broke out my pole and caught it straight away and caught a brand new SuperUltraRare Red Demonic Seahorse. I asked Fish Tiki about it and he said nothing. The ways of Tikis are strange and unknowing. I spoke with some other Tribers and Tribbettes and many spoke of their ghostly encounters. I told them it was all part of their imagination, yet they insisted. Water Tiki had asked for some decorations for the Water Tiki Temple. I figured a few good sculpts would keep him happy so I went to Nya's. I had just recovered from my teleport and what did I see a ghostly tiki staring at me with piercing glowing eyes. I reached out to touch it to prove to myself it was not an illusion and it faded away laughing. So he's not at all only at Lucky Tribe HQ but can be found at many of the Lucky Tribe locations and the Elemental Temples as well from the tales that pass thru the tribe. So that makes a total of four Halloween kudos so far. The tribe in on edge wondering whats next. Only time will tell, but don't wait too long. These limited duration kudos opportunities (LDKO) are only around until the end of October so go out there and get them! I might have been a sceptic at the beginning of the day, but by the end "I do believe in spooks" and that's what I want you to tell me in an in world note card if you want my I love the blog badge. Only the first three people who send me the card will get my badge. Good Luck, Miranda Foehammer

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Flickr Kudos for Oct. 8th

The Tikis are much amused with the new dip at HQ.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Lash-Ware and Izo's

Greetings Tribers and Tribbettes! So we are creeping into October. New kudos are here and more to come. I'm going to give you three locations today and catch up on the other new Kudos locations later this week. Have you ever heard the guys complain about clothes for them? Well, Lash-wear is one of the tribes new locations and it caters to the more masculine of the tribe. They also have some great t-shirts for everyone. Come check out their store and hit their lucky board. It can be found at Long time Tribbette Izo has opened up her own store, it is filled with cute outfits and hair styles for ferrets! You have to come check this one out for yourself. Izo's garden & fishing hole has a miniature lucky chair as well. http://slurl/secondlife/Morning%20Shire/34/226/21 . Lastly, there is a new terror that has grown at Lucky Tribe HQ. This is what happens if you don't change the filter on the hot tub often enough. There is a new type of dip. "The Unlucky Dip" Dare you take a dip into the tentacle monsters tub? There could be kudos hidden in there, but will you survive to get them? Take a dip, see if you get lucky. Lucky Tribe HQ is located at Since we are talking monster, if you want my blog badge, and if you don't have it, send me a note card in world telling me the most creative Halloween costume you have ever seen or wore. The first three people to send me the card will get my badge. Update: I have given away all of the kudos this round. Good Luck Tribe! Miranda Foehammer