Sunday, 25 April 2010

Kudos Spotlight: Two Chairs one Coin

Greetings Tribe!
We have two new great Lucky Tribe Locations and a new Kudos Koin, this week.
The first location is Kouture Kitty and Wild Hearts Club. This location has some wonderful Neko style boots and tails! Come check them out and take a rest in the wonderful pink Lucky Chair for that much needed Kudos boost. .
Our second location this week is [SG] Photo Backgrounds by Skip Greybeard. Beautiful backgrounds for all your photo shoot needs. I love photos in SL, it's part of what drew me here. So I'm so happy we have this location in Lucky Tribe. This location has a Lucky Board @ .
Finally, our new old friend at Forever in Love with Science Fiction has been kind enough to add a Kudos Koin to their Tardis shaped Lucky Dip! Come check it out @ .
The next three folks that send me a notecard inworld with the note saying, "'ve got a 6 foot long white scarf", will get the limited "In the News..." Kudos award from me.
Good Luck,
Miranda Foehammer

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Missing Lucky Fish found at HQ

Hi Tribe, Just wanted to let you know there are more Lucky Tribe fish that have have gone missing over the years at the Lucky Tribe HQ. The recently found fish are: Horse Shoe Starfish Pot of Gold Angelfish Red Shoulder Starfish Pot of Gold Seahorse So if you want this fish and the delicious kudos associated with them, make your way down to HQ. Remember you don't need bait to catch these at HQ if you use the Tribe fishing pass system. So check out the system and save yourself a bunch of lindens. Good Luck! Miranda Foehammer

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Prize Spotlight: Roawenwood

Once again, Roawenwood (SLurl) has an awesome Lucky Tribe Prize Ticket redemption gift, this Grassy Pond. At first, I thought it was their L$395 Fishing Pond, but there are a few differences. There is no fishing bucket with the prize version and the four animations are a bit different, but one of the nicest Willow trees I've seen in all Second Life has been added. This is 39 prims I'd be happy to add to my land if I still had some (I live in one of the Linden Homes). Go check out the fishing version just outside the landing area and I think you'll agree that this is a great prize. While there, hit up the two Lucky Chairs and two Midnight Mania boards then wander around to check out the craftsmanship of the various items for sale. When you are done, contact me in-world with the phrase "Uccie spends a lot of Lindens at Roawenwood" if you haven't already gotten the Blogaholic Kudos voucher and I'll send one to you. This is for the first seven people only, please. I'll post here if/when I give them all out.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Limited Duration Kudos Op: The Lucky Tribe Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter season has brought a new Lucky Tribe Limited Duration Kudos Op or LDKO for short. This one is a great chance to revisit a ton of lucky tribe sites you might not have been to for a while. This will require a bit of planning if you want to get all of the Kudos on this hunt. I suggest you head to Lucky Tribe HQ and get yourself a card describing how it works and review the sign for the different Kudos you can win.
If you missed it go back through the announcements in the lucky tribe group and pull the card from there describing the egg hunt. Inside that card is another card with the wonderful lucky tribe locations that are participating.
With all these eggs, we are going to have a lot of egg salad. Hmm... Eggs, mayo and pickles (I still have tons of that) but I'm going to need mustard. The next three people that send me a note saying, "I got you mustard" will win a limited "The news kudos badge" token. If you already have this from me, please let someone else get the prize.
We have an update on the egg hunt: I'll quote Shep, "A couple of updates on the easter egg hunt: first (at risk of starting a public lynching...) I've just noticed that the hunt was launched with a run time of 8 days instead of 10 (oops!) - meaning the eggs will start to disappear in the (very) early hours of Saturday Morning. Please aim to complete your egg hunting before then! Secondly - for anybody who missed the in-chat announcements - Paws for Thought and Gwendolyn Cassini Creations are late additions to the list of participating egg hunt locations."
Good luck tribe!
Miranda Foehammer

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Prize Spotlight: Discomfort Grunge Furnishings

In Meatspace (what most call Real Life), I tend to repair damaged furniture when I can ... clean a stain, mend a tear, sand a gouge, etc. ... so my things take a while to look distressed. Many folks like that look, however I don't understand it myself, but where there's a market, there's someone willing to pay top dollar for "antiqued" goods. Fortunately we have Discomfort Grunge Furnishings (SLurl) in Second Life so you can get high-quality distressed furniture perfect to match the grunge lifestyle or some "period" builds and you don't need to spend a lot. Everything I saw was reasonably priced so I'll be recommending it to friends. Right now, though, I'm recommending it to you if you have a Kudos Prize Ticket. Trade it in right near the entrance (opposite the Lucky Chair) for this really nice clover stool. At only 5 prims, this nicely textured seat makes a nice accessory for your garden. I'll wait right here while you go get one. What? Back already? Great! Now contact me in-world and say "I'll park my fanny on a clover!" and I'll send to you a prim you can wear or rez that adds 5 points to your Kudos total. This is the Blogaholic badge and I'm only going to give it to the first seven people who haven't already earned it so act fast! Watch this space and I'll post when I've given out all seven!