Friday, 25 September 2009

Leaderboard - 25th September


The Leaderboards had a "skip week" last week...

I bet you never even noticed, right?...


All-time Kudos Leaderboard:

1) Lalinda Lovell 4035

2) Taonuviel Furuseth 4020

3) Helen Daines 4010

4) Cherry Kirktown 3865

5) Nya Raymaker 3750

6) Tichelle Teebrook 3685

7) Matthew Masingh 3675

8) Angelfire Teebrook 3655

9) Geniveve Boucher 3630

10) Bird Susa 3545

11) Jarod Beaumont 3520

12) Chun Cheng 3490

13) Mana Honi 3470

14) Izo Ryba 3430

15) PrincessZelda Nitely 3275

16) Gwyndolyn Whitfield 3255

17) FireClaw Foxdale 3225

18) crystalbozek Parx 3180

19) JCS Hawker 3170

20) VictoriaRose Daniels 3165

Biggest gains, last 14(?) days...

1) Janus Soulstar 2540

2) Branwynn Dawner 2145

3) Ravlyn Roxley 1895

4) Fio Frangilli 1750

5) Miranda Foehammer 1485

6) Harleybeth28 Amoufhaz 1470

7) Noa Morrisey 1310

8) Fidelia Snowpaw 1255

9) Reba Muircastle 1090

10) Shiva Draconia 1075

11) PandaGirl Serendipity 1025

12) oceanna Baxton 1005

13) Valeria Madrigal 975

14) Farine Arado 945

15) Missy1E23 Quan 925

16) Kris Idlemind 905

17) Ellie Bearcat 880

18) FyreFerryt Frostwych 840

19) Kris Kesten 830

20) Alycia Unknown 780

Monday, 14 September 2009

Prize Spotlight: Flights of Fancy

Okies, now look at the dragon. :::giggle::: It's a pretty fanciful one from Noramyr Gullwing, the dragon breeder and fun pet maker behind Fights of Fancy. This awesome shop is part of an attractive and creative shopping complex at Extrovirtual and has a generous number of Kudos-laden Lucky Chairs (SLurl). Right near the region's landing spot is the Tribe prize redemption vendor (SLurl) and if you have a spare Prize Ticket, you can grab an adorable dragon like mine. She breathes fire, can be renamed (displayed or not over her head with hover text). For some reason she (yes, all my dragons are girls) initially attaches to the ear but you can move her anywhere, of course. I like dragons on my head, though, so this works for me.
The first seven Tribe members that contact me in-world with the phrase "Dragons Work for Me" will win a prim that can be worn or rezzed to add 15 Kudos to their HUD. If you've won the Summer of Blog points before today these won't count so give someone else a chance, please.

Snap Happy...


It's been quite some time since the last batch of Lucky Tribe photo award kudos was given out... but the Ancient Tiki Gods have decreed that TODAY IS THE DAY for further Snap-Happy Kudos to be issued! ...and nobody should argue with the will of the Ancient Tiki Gods!

First up:

Cherry Kirktown finally found a use for all those Lucky Fish that everybody has been accumulating over the past few months.

(click through for the finer details... it's worth it!)

Surf's Up at Lucky Fish & Chips




ABSOLUTELY NOTHI.... oh, wait, this particular sighting of W-A-R got Vixana Lupindo some Kudos..

The chairs of battle

(with apologies to poor, dead Edwin Starr)

And finally, Mana Honi submitted a whole bunch of pics of this little white kitty mushroom-hunting around the streets of Paris NY. Now.. seriously... I'm usually immune to the powers of "cute". But these made me smile. Nice pics!

mmmm yummy
Congratulations to all winners! Don't forget to keep posting pics to the Lucky Tribe flickr group... you never know when the Ancient Tiki Gods might bestow further snapshot prizes... ;)

Friday, 11 September 2009

Leaderboard update ... 11th September


It's update day again! Lalinda maintains a healthy lead at the top of the table this week... but for how much longer....??

All-time Kudos Leaderboard

1) Lalinda Lovell 3910

2) Taonuviel Furuseth 3870

3) Helen Daines 3860

4) Nya Raymaker 3750

5) Cherry Kirktown 3620

6) Angelfire Teebrook 3505

=6) Matthew Masingh 3505

8) Bird Susa 3495

9) Geniveve Boucher 3480

10) Tichelle Teebrook 3475

11) Mana Honi 3370

12) Chun Cheng 3290

13) crystalbozek Parx 3155

14) PrincessZelda Nitely 3140

15) Jarod Beaumont 3130

16) Izo Ryba 3090

17) Gwyndolyn Whitfield 3080

18) FireClaw Foxdale 3035

19) Atriel Starbrook 2995

20) JCS Hawker 2875

Biggest gains, last 7 days:

1) Fio Frangilli 1370

2) Louise Dirval 1025

3) Jodie Greenwood 550

=3) Willbe Emmons 550

5) Eleanor Mistwood 515

6) Ciaran Greymoon 420

7) Wanna Catnap 405

8) LilOne Littlething 400

9) Kris Kesten 360

10) Kris Idlemind 355

11) Tan Pawpad 350

12) WhiteFire Sondergaard 320

13) Ursala Brezoianu 310

14) Meepmeep Ruttenberg 290

15) BadKitty Rau 285

16) Gwyndolyn Whitfield 265

17) Gwendolyn Cassini 260

=17) Miranda Foehammer 260

=17)Vixana Lupindo 260

=17) Twitch Preis 260

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Prize Spotlight: Gwendolyn Cassini Creations

Check out this steal! Look above the Kudos-giving Lucky Chair at Gwendolyn Cassini Creations (SLurl), wear your prize ticket, and click the sign to get your own *Gwendolyn* Lucky Tribe Xaria giftpack ... 6 colors of yummy goodness with a difference for free! Not only is this hair attractive, but it is very easy to set the way you like it. Most hair with color-changing ties or such make you remember a chat code, open a note card, look at color charts, or all of these to change the colors. This set comes with a unique HUD that talks to the ties so you can easily and precisely set the color you want (in the picture here, shades of gray). Talk about simple! Plus, this hair should be very low lag with just 64 prims and alpha textures have been used only when really needed. The fit was perfect for me right out of the box, but helpful instructions are included as is a pose stand.
While I'm prancin' about wearing the Teal from this set, contact me in-world to tell me that you've read this post and I'll send you a prim to rez or wear that will add 15 Kudos to your total. This is limited to the first 7 people only and those who have not yet won the Summer of Blog points.

Friday, 4 September 2009



Quite a bit of jostling at the top of the chart this week, as Lalinda leaps from nowhere (well... from 5th place, at least) into pole postion. Will she hang on to the top spot? There's a new set of Lucky Tribe Kudos Boosters being lined up as I type... so only time will tell ;)

All-time Kudos Leaderboard:

1) Lalinda Lovell 3775

2) Helen Daines 3735

=2) Taonuviel Furuseth 3735

4) Nya Raymaker 3700

5) Cherry Kirktown 3500

6) Bird Susa 3470

7) Angelfire Teebrook 3445

8) Tichelle Teebrook 3390

9) Geniveve Boucher 3380

10) Matthew Masingh 3360

11) Chun Cheng 3265

12) Mana Honi 3190

13) crystalbozek Parx 3080

14) PrincessZelda Nitely 3020

15) Atriel Starbrook 2995

16) Jarod Beaumont 2990

17) Izo Ryba 2935

18) FireClaw Foxdale 2925

19) Daphne Minotaur 2845

20) Gwyndolyn Whitfield 2815

Biggest gains in the last 7 days:

1) Eleanor Mistwood 1610

2) Noa Morrisey 1540

3) Kelyren Benoir 910

4) Gwendolyn Cassini 860

5) Vixana Lupindo 650

6) Falewen Tigerfish 575

7) Jodie Greenwood 505

=7) ken001 Scribe 505

=7) Dazz Parx 505

10) Neena Renfold 500

11) Miekie Jansma 485

12) Delicia Elytis 480

13) Twitch Preis 470

=13) Fro Levee 470

15) Aelynn Nayar 430

16) Bishop Umarov 360

17) Noonoo Carter 330

18) Xalted Violet 315

=18)Vanessa Hornbridge 315

20) Maximus Dreddmor 310

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Prize Spotlight: Ari's Neko Retreat

Lately, my wife has been enjoying a new-found nekoness, prancing about in all her bits and reminding me of when I was a full-time neko. So today I began to think about a return to my roots, as it were, and right away thought of Ari's Neko Retreat (SLurl), a haven of cattitude and then some. While there I whipped out a Lucky Tribe Prize Ticket and claimed the "Lucky Tribe Exclusive Tail N' Ear Set," an adorable and well-crafted fluffy tail and pair of ears (two pair, actually, one small set and one large). Using a HUD, the tail and ear positions can be moved about and Xcite settings (for letting your body parts talk) can be adjusted. I love the little luck trinkets though the rabbit's foot couldn't have been lucky for the bunny and the two chess pieces confuse me in the luck scheme, but all are fast rezzing and cute. The little hat on the ear makes me proud to be Irish-born. Sure, I have quite a few sets of ears and tails (I need more paws) but this set is a welcome addition to my inventory and should be in yours, too.
What? You don't have enough Kudos to get a ticket? Then contact me in-world with the phrase "Uccie is a nice Irish lass" and I'll send you a prim to rez or wear that will add 15 Kudos to your total. If you've gotten the Summer of Blog points prior to this then these won't count, but I'll send along some Irish goodies either way.