Wednesday, 9 February 2011

6.5 Challenges - Part 2

Greetings Tribe!
Well, it looks like Fish Tiki is back from saving the... errr a vacation. He does have a message for the tribe though. Go see him at Lucky Tribe HQ and click on him to hear his tale.
Other news! The Cube Tribe has started issuing challenges to the Lucky Tribe over the fate of our otherverse. Make your way to HQ and check out the holocube.
Also we have found our way into February, at Lucky Tribe HQ we have the monthly Tribe badge for a donation. Please give generously or what ever you can. The donation box is right by the teleport area.
Other news! The other two Elemental thrones have shown up at the other two temples. More cryptic messages come to those who meditate on them. 7 messages on each throne. So keep up your vigils and watches to learn more of our multiverse! I will be back tomorrow to blog on the current locations of our most recent additions and Kudo Kookies!
Good Luck!
Miranda Foehammer