Saturday, 25 September 2010

Flickr Kudos Winner Sept 25th

According to crumpled note, written in crayon and shoved under Izo's door, the Tiki gods have chosen Tink Rang as this weeks Snap-Happy Kudos winner. Arrrrrr

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Water Tiki - Fresh Water - New Location for Water Tiki Temple

It all started with a "Glug..." it always starts with a Glug. Water Tiki has a much larger vocabulary then what we normally hear him speak. "Wave, South Seas Edge, Fresh, Glug." Half the problem is you have to translate what he was meaning. But I had heard part of this before. Wave apparently means "move me!" Last time he wanted to change from a Sunset view to a Sunrise view and I had to move him halfway across the world. I actually convinced a group of dolphins to do it, but we won't go there. I looked thru my lexicon of Water Tiki sayings, and it translated to, "The water is always wetter on the other side of the sim line." This time, the move would be a lot easier. Water Tiki had too much Salt water and wanted to be moved closer to land, with fresh waterfall water. When a Tiki wants something, what can you do? So, Water Tiki Temple has been moved. Nestled under a waterfall along the edge of the an open river and the open sea. "Water Tiki Temple Jeaden! Lucky Tibe So new, oh so improved!" is open for all your "I need to supplicate myself to a water drenched Tiki needs." It is located at Now there are no new Kudos associated with the move, but... I will give my badge to the first three folks who send me a card saying, "Third time is a charm!" Good Luck! Miranda Foehammer

Friday, 17 September 2010

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Friday, 10 September 2010

Flickr Kudos winners for Sept.10th

Fire is red Water is blue Lost tiki has returned and has kudos for you Congratulations, YessikaCalydonBardenboar AND Fox Ruissatel

Monday, 6 September 2010

Lost Tiki Returns and LDDKO's!

And so it came to pass... Lost Tiki had become so lost that he found his way to the Land of Dead Kudos. Once something goes there, it does not come back. Lost Tiki was doomed to stay there forever, yet with all things tiki, there was always a lucky chance that he could be saved. Quickly, Lost Tiki came to realize, it was too late to ask for directions. All those years, wasted opportunities. He viewed all the dead kudos and piles of single socks and rummaged thru his pockets for anything that could help. Hmm... seven various coins of foreign currencies, 7 linden, tiki pocket lint, a tattered, smudged, damp, soiled, burnt, faded and slightly whiffy map of the first info hub, 5 lucky boards, Fish Tiki's tooth brush and low and behold, his lost cell phone. Thankfully he still had pretty good cell phone reception for a place with no exits. See every time you loose reception, it goes to the Land of Dead Kudos. He faintly remembered that Hud Tiki had a cell phone and frantically dialed. Hud Tiki realized what happened and consulted with the other Tikis. A plan was arrived at to bring Lost Tiki back...
The tribe came together and completed all the Tiki's elemental ceremonies. This drove Fish Tiki to come up with his own ceremonies so that he would not be left out. All completed in time. The veil between worlds was growing thinner with the shortening days. And so Lost Tiki saw his opening, grabbing a bunch of of the Dead Kudos Opportunities (DKO) and made his way thru the gate.
He loaded those Kudos in his Lucky boards and dropped them off at the various Elemental Tiki Temples and Left one with Fish Tiki. He looked for Cherry Kirktown, First Priestess of all things slightly Whiffy, to give her Fish Tiki's tooth brush but got lost trying to find her... Hopefully he'll find his way home one day.
So the following temples have a Lucky Board at them with the following Lost Kudo's badge in them:
Water - Willow Grove Ranch - "Nobody but us chickens" -
Air - DNA Studios - "Genetic Gestures" -
Fire - Crimson Castle - "A Dark Future" - http://slurl/secondlife/FairChang%20Quebrada/26/127/697
Fish Tiki - Coco Beach - "Coco Beach Kudos"
So some might say, I have blogged this a week to late, but I would say I did it a week early! These Limited Duration Dead Kudos Opportunities (LDDKO's) will be around until Monday at Midnight on the 13th of September, giving the tribe ample opportunity to collect them all before they need to return to the Land of Dead Kudos. Remember, since we are in September there is a new badge at the donation site at Lucky Tribe HQ. Get your September badge by making a donation to your favorite in world tribe today! For all of you that have not received my badge yet, Please send me an in world note card telling me what color sock you last lost, I'll see if Lost Tiki has it just in case he brought it back out with him. I'll also send you a black Pro Fish Tiki T-shirt as well. Good Luck! Miranda Foehammer PS. Lost Tiki does not seem to have the socks that I was requested to look for. I have sent out the three Kudos badges for this time. New blog coming soon!

Friday, 3 September 2010

Flickr Kudos winner

Well, the earth tiki started screaming While I lay dreaming Well, the earth tiki started screaming While I lay dreaming Dreaming of pie There was Air, there was Water Then the Fire went out And the ferret fell from the sky It rained kraken, it rained prawns And the day of kudos has come Congratulations Helen Daines & Mazie Halpern