Sunday, 31 May 2009

Prize Spotlight: Boots by Rathwynn

When Shep sent out a group notice about trading Lucky Tribe Prize Tickets for weapons at Rathwynn's Arms and Armor (SLurl) I nearly fainted. Sadly, I couldn't get there until the next day but I was thrilled to find that I could get medieval boots and a weapon for one ticket! You get both men's and women's combat-ready (Spellfire4 & DCS2) styles, too. The blade has custom draw/sheath animations and textures. The best news? If you aren't in the Tribe you can't have the well-made boots! They are exclusive to us! Here's an exclusive offer for blog readers: Contact me in-world and mention this post specifically and I'll send you a prim to rez or wear that gives you 10 Kudos! (Requests closed 9:40pm SLT ... got all 7.)
You will also have a chance to earn more Kudos, too, with four Lucky Chairs (though sign placement leads me to believe only two give Kudos. I don't know.) While you are there, browse around to see the fine weapons and other unique medieval role play items. This is the only shop I've seen inSL that sells a box of meat.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Prize Spotlight: Eyes by Skinthesis

Lately I've been shopping for eyes with several people, and whenever I can I recommend Skinthesis - Lucky Tribe Prize: Special Elements 4-pack Eyes, available from Skinthesis, of course (SLurl). Well textured, fast rendering textures are used and you get a wide variety with four colors in three iris/pupil sizes. This means regardless of you avie size, you can have the right match. The pic shows the Dark Everglades model, a nice deep green. Obviously, they are No Mod, but they are transferable so if you don't need all the colors you can make a nice gift for someone. My alt is going to be very happy with the Amber Ice eyes. By the way, check out the unique skins available. Why be "ordinary" when you can be SLextrarodinary!
Thanks for checking out the blog. Like last time, the first seven people to contact me in-world and mention this blog by topic will earn 10 Kudos points (sent via a prim you rez/wear).

Leaderboards, Friday May 29th


It's been a while since I generated one of these. I thought I'd try some new variations this time around :)


1) crystalbozek Parx 1835

2) Matthew Masingh 1675

3) Lalinda Lovell 1670

4) Bird Susa 1635

5) Atriel Starbrook 1605

=5) Cherry Kirktown 1605

7) Chun Cheng 1580

8) Jarod Beaumont 1545

9) Tichelle Teebrook 1495

10) Angelfire Teebrook 1445

11) FlutterGirl Looming 1420

12) Geniveve Boucher 1390

13) Moon Fairymeadow 1380

14) AnnMarie McCellan 1375

15) Helen Daines 1370

16) Lea Vendetta 1345

17) Lorimae Undercroft 1335

=17) Serenity Semple 1335

19) Guenn Galicia 1275

20) Armandi Goodliffe 1215


1) Helen Daines 990

2) Anistacia Markova 975

3) faith Dartmouth 940

4) ReignShadow Walker 905

5) Meepmeep Ruttenberg 895

6) Cherry Kirktown 835

7) Kaliedra Michigan 800

8) Guenn Galicia 795

=8) crystalbozek Parx 795

10) Fire Darkfold 740

11) TigerLady Barbosa 715

12) Matthew Masingh 670

13) Trinity Unplugged 665

14) JCS Hawker 650

15) BB Schmooz 645

16) Dystopia Dagger 635

17) Lillie Leitner 630

18) Dina Bade 625

19) Nya Raymaker 620

20) Macey Telling 610

And, just for sake of curiosity...


1) chyanne Turbo 470

2) Kaliedra Michigan 385

3) Adagio Greenwood 375

4) Gweneviere Gothly 370

5) Macey Telling 355

6) crystalbozek Parx 305

7) Nya Raymaker 285

=7) CrystalRain Aries 285

9) Jade Supermarine 250

10) ReignShadow Walker 235

11) Xaver Zapatero 225

12) Matthew Masingh 215

13) ivy Biberman 200

14) Charlie Stipe 190

15) Bambi Lanzet 175

16) Delectable Dumpling 160

17) Rayven Zelmanov 155

18) Candace Fairey 150

=18) QueenBrat Bracken 150

=18) Cully Barbosa 150

Friday Photos (29th May)


Our favourite snapshot this week came from Vivienne DuFaux - "Help! The Fishing Tiki mistook me for the Green Lucky Fish!!!"

HELP! The Fishing Tiki mistook me for the Green Lucky Fish!!!(Matthew Masingh submitted a very similar shot, but we thought this one had the edge in terms of artistic composition. Plus, we can't really condone people who just sit back and watch while Fish Tiki snacks on innocent mermaids... better luck next week Matthew!)

Second choice goes to Bird Susa. Rule of thumb: any pic showing Victoria in a compromising position has to be worth a prize! ...though we loved all of Bird's captioned pics!

And finally, another pic from the Labyrinth (possibly the most photogenic lucky tribe location of all!)... Moon Fairymeadow takes afternoon tea with the maze dragons, and script-meister extraordinare, Fnordian Link.

Tea and Tips with Moon and the Maze Dragons
Thanks to everybody for their submissions... the ancient tiki gods will be selecting another three snaps next week!
Lucky Tribe Flickr Group

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Introducing Mentor Tiki


Mentor Tiki arrives at Lucky Tribe HQ

Early-morning visitors to Lucky Tribe HQ might have spotted a new face today - Mentor Tiki has arrived!

Mentor Tiki brings a new tribe ritual with him, and a big 70-point Kudos badge … but be warned; the test of Mentor Tiki is not to be entered into lightly!

* * * * * * *

Mentor Tiki’s test begins with a small ritual, to be carried out by two players:

The first participant - The Mentor - must have a kudos score HIGHER than 700 points.

The second participant - The Student - must have a kudos score LOWER than 200 points.

The mentor must stand by the torch to the left of Mentor Tiki, and the student to the right. Both participants should then light their torch (all it takes is a click, on the torch itself.)

Once both torches are burning, the Mentor and Student most both speak the word “AWAKEN”, to wake Mentor Tiki from his slumber… both participants need to say this simultaneously, before the torches burn out (the torches will remain lit for about a minute).

Mentor Tiki will confirm the eligibility of the participants, and - if both participants have suitable levels of experience - will declare the ceremony a success. From this point on, the Mentor and Student are irreversibly linked together in the eyes of Mentor Tiki!

UPDATE: As of 15th September, you are allowed to annul "bad" student/mentor relationships, providing that at least 30 days have passed since the mentor ceremony took place. To annul the ritual, the Mentor must stand before Mentor Tiki, and speak the words MY STUDENT SUCKS! - the phrase must be upper case, and include the exclamation mark at the end.

It’s now up to the Mentor to teach their student learn the ways of the Lucky tribe. You might like help your student through the initiation ritual… or show them how to play the various Lucky Tribe mini-games… or watch out for Kudos boosts that they can use during your travels. The more you help your student, the faster you’ll pass the test! Only when the student has become sufficiently experienced in Tribe Lore, scoring more than 700 kudos points of their own, can the mentor return to Mentor Tiki’s head, and click to claim the reward - a 70-point “Lucky Tribe Mentor” badge!

Important things to know:

  • Once the student has passed 700 Kudos points, he/she can become a mentor too, and claim a student of their own.
  • Be warned that some new arrivals to the tribe *might* already have more than 200 points of Kudos, which they picked up through casual chair hopping. Make sure you check their scores before attempting the mentorship ceremony!
  • If you make a mistake during the ceremony (e.g. clicked on the wrong torch, or unintentionally paired up with the wrong partner), DO NOT wake up Mentor Tiki - just wait for the torches to extinguish, then try again. ONCE MENTOR TIKI WAKES UP, ALL MENTOR BONDS ARE FINAL!

* * * * * * *

I hope you enjoy Mentor Tiki’s test, and that the process helps some of our newcomers find their feet within Lucky Tribe. While I appreciate the fact that some people will just bond themselves to an alt, and power-level their way through this award, I think the people who play this one the “right” way will have a *far* more enriching experience… so consider your options carefully before stepping onto Mentor Tiki’s dais. This test involves trust, co-operation, good judgement of character, and perhaps, at times, a little drama - but that’s all part of the Lucky Tribe experience!

Good Luck!

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Prize Spotlight: AmberMyst Botanical Gardena

As a landscaper I appreciate having a wide variety of flora in my inventory to best suit the client's needs and the environment around the main build. AmberMyst Botanical Gardens (SLurl) has some wonderful plants to choose from and many are in the two Kudos-bestowing Lucky Chairs, the Midnight Mania, and the Lucky Cupcake. But if you have a Lucky Tribe Prize Ticket you can get this nice set of Asparagus Ferns.
Using magical sculptie technology, these low-prim delights are very attractive for most any build as this variety can be grown in most climates. So whether your landscape is tropical or temperate, the Asparagus Fern from AmberMyst would be a nice compliment.
Do you know of a shop with a great prize? Drop me a note card in-world with some details it could be featured on this blog. Or if you just feel Lucky, the first 7 people to contact me in-world and mention this post will get a special Kudos prize of 10 points (sent via a prim in-world).
UPDATE: 01:13pm SLT ... seven people have contacted me. Keep an eye on the blog for more such offers!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Lucky Tribe Venue Application Process - de-mystified!


Today, I'd like to spend a little time discussing the application & approval process for venues that want to take part in Lucky Tribe. As the reputation of Lucky Tribe spreads, we're getting a massive increase in interest from merchants who want to be part of the event. Hopefully, this guide will de-mystify our selection process a little, and also help prospective event partners to better-prepare themselves for Lucky Tribe participation.

I should emphasise from the outset that participation as a Lucky Tribe location is not guaranteed to all applicants. We want this game to be successful, popular, and to have a reputation for being a really cool way to spend your time in Second Life. It's therefore important that we focus our attention on venues that deliver the "right" kind of experience to our players - places that are interesting to visit, and places that can provide our players with prizes that are really desirable and worth having. Exceptional venues, or venues that happen to hit the right "mix" of features that we're looking for on a particular day, are likely to be fast-tracked through the process. If you hear rumors about us having a "huge" waiting list, please DON'T be put off. It's true that our application pool is pretty large... but it's also true that the waiting list is far from linear when the right kind of application comes along...

So, what are we looking for?

Here's how the application process works:

1. You fill in an application notecard (available upon request, from me). This is a very brief questionnaire about the nature of your business - who you are, where you are, what you do ... and asks some really basic checklist questions, like which "Lucky" devices you have on site, and whether or not you allow external scripts to be run on your land (answering "no" to this last question pretty much excludes you from the running - the game HUDs don't work where scripts aren't turned on!)

2. You return the notecard to me. I then pass the notecards on to a team of elite covert operatives, who will come along and scout your location, and compile a report on it's suitability for Lucky Tribe inclusion. The location scouts are going to score your location on a number of criteria. The really important ones to know about are as follows:

  • Are you selling your own creations, or are you mainly a business-in-a-box / affiliate reseller site? Unless the location is exceptional in some other respect (e.g. area of outstanding beauty / interest), we tend to score first-party content creator sites way higher than BIAB/reseller venues.
  • Do you have a Lucky Designs device on-site, that we can turn into a Kudos booster? In the current phase of the game, this means you need to own a Lucky Chair, Lucky Cup-Cake, or Lucky Fortunes. We are NOT planning to issue Kudos Boosts through Midnight Manias; if the only thing that we find at your location is a Midnight Mania - but your venue is otherwise ideal - you're likely to be "blue-carded" (see below).
  • What level of Lucky Designs "brand purity" do you have at your site? This is an important one. Lucky Tribe is being provided as a "value add" service to existing customers of Lucky Designs. If we get to your site, and we see you're using a bunch of lucky chairs made by some other vendor, you get marked down heavily. Similarly, if we see "clones" of other Lucky Designs products (e.g. "RiotVend" instead of MobVend, "Midnight Madness" instead of "Midnight Mania", etc etc), you also lose points in this category. There's a simple commercial reality at work here; Lucky Tribe has the power to send a whole bunch of visitors your way, and - when push comes to shove - we'd sooner send those visitors to sites that have supported us and bought our original products, rather than cheap knock-offs. Sites that we see as an ideal venue - but are only let down by "brand-purity" - will be scored as normal, but "blue-carded".
  • Are you an active tribe member? OK, this one isn't a huge decider (since a lot of content creators - me included! - play host to events that they don't play in themselves) - but if you're somebody who we see active in Tribe chat a lot, or who we see has accumulated a lot of Kudos points, we tend to give you a bit of credit. The people who understand the mechanics of Lucky Tribe tend to have much smoother set-ups than the sites who just got into it because "a friend told me to!" ...We know that we can usually squeeze these sites in to a new batch with very little extra work.
  • Do you offer something "a bit different"? ... again, this will nudge your score upwards a little. We like variety. We love unique prizes. We like venues that will appeal to all sexes (and species) of tribe members. Different is good!

3. At the end of this process, your venue will have a score, on a scale of 1 to 10. It might also have a "blue card", or a "red card" (I'll come to those in a moment, honest!). Your application then goes into "the pool"... this is the repository of all the vendor applications that we've received. Applications with a high score float up to the top of the pool... applications with a low score sink to the bottom of the pool. Other adjustments take place (like, how long a particular application has been waiting, or whether we consider demand to be strong for a particular genre of venue) - but the basic principle is, the most attractive locations rise, and the less-desirable sink. When we're ready to add some new venues to the game, we go to the pool and scoop off whatever's floating on top.

What's all this stuff about red cards and blue cards?

When we see a venue that would be *perfect* for lucky tribe, but they only have one or two failings (e.g. they don't already own a device that we can readily turn into a Kudos generator ... or they have a big, ugly, rival-branded product stuck on the wall), their application gets a blue card*.

(*in real terms - we change the colour of their box on our master spreadsheet to blue. But that sounds way less exciting!)

In theory, a blue card means we're going to get back in touch with those venue owners to discuss the road-block, and give them the chance to fix things and re-submit the venue for a second consideration. In practice, we're juggling so many new applications that we haven't had time to deal with many blue cards yet. If you've read this document, and suspect you're currently blue-carded, then by all means, go ahead and jump the gun - tweak your venue and ask me to initiate a second review ... I won't mind!

(in the future, I'm probably just going to steer our blue-carded applicants to this blog entry for further explanation!)

And red cards? Well, they usually get attached to people who have _no_ lucky devices on site, have no real idea what Lucky Tribe is anyway, and who seem to trade almost entirely in camping chairs and resold freebies. The fact that you're even reading this document is probably a good sign that you haven't been red-carded ;)

What happens next...

Once we've scooped a venue out of the top of the pool, they get a final site check in which we determine what kind of kudos device we're going to place at that site (and I come up with some kind of awful pun to go on the HUD badge!). The owner is notified that they've been approved for activation, and asked to confirm that they still want to take part. "Set up Kits" are normally ready to ship to the venue owners within 24 hours of confirmation, and most sites are live shortly after delivery ... so things move pretty swiftly once you've reached the top of the pool :)

And that's it!

Hopefully this article has been useful to anybody planning to apply for inclusion of their venue in Lucky Tribe. Hopefully de-mystifying the process hasn't made it look too intimidating - the process isn't that harsh really ... most of our applicants do emerge from the pool eventually! ;) ...if you want to apply for YOUR venue to be included in Lucky Tribe, just drop me an IM in-world, and I'll get an application notecard to you ASAP!

Monday, 25 May 2009

Prize Spotlight: USC Texutres

Cheeseburgers, fine women, and textures are three guaranteed ways to get me excited so when I saw the prize at USC Textures (SLurl) I wooted for several minutes. Three-Hundred Textures!
I'm especially eager to get at the Embossed Leather and Mirrors sets included in the pack as I'm building a strip club and they should prove very useful. If you are a builder and haven't tried USC Textures then please take my recommendation. They are very high quality and are quite original. While you are at the shop. don't forget the Lucky Chair on the north end of the building to earn more Kudos along with nice prizes. And wander around for Lucky Boards, a Midnight Mania, and other goodies.
Don't forget to support USC Textures and other Tribe Partners. These great freebies only exist if they stay in business. Always shop first at these fine vendors for quality and value. Don't forget to drop a note card to me in-world with a Tribe Partner you'd like for me to feature on the blog ... even if it is your own shop.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Prize Spotlight: Lucky Designs

Everyone in the Tribe knows that gathering Kudos is just part of the fun. The instant wins we get from Lucky Chairs, Cupcakes, Fishing, and other activities as we earn Kudos are also a blast. But Have you experienced the rush of cashing in a Lucky Tribe Prize Ticket yet? Anytime you gather 100 Kudos points, touch the pictured Tiki at Lucky Tribe HQ (SLurl) and you'll be given a ticket to trade in at a partner store (Disclaimer: My shop is a Partner store).
I traded in my first one at Lucky Designs, our Tribal Chief's store (SLurl) for a BidBox, the nifty merchandise auction system he developed a couple years ago. I love shopping with auction systems at it lets me bid at or below what I think is a fair price for an item. What I hadn't thought of, though, is using a BidBox to clean my inventory. I found that you can auction off transferable but "No Copy" items. This is great if you bought an outfit or item that you later changed your mind about having. Just box it up again and auction it off!
This is the first of many posts (I hope) featuring fabulous prizes from Lucky Tribe Partners. With the list growing quickly I have a lot of ground to cover. You can help by posting a comment to this post with information about a prize you'd like featured on the blog (sure, from your shop is okay) or drop me a note card in-world. After this post I won't play favorites and will try to pick randomly, but as I'm using the Tickets that I earn I might have a bias toward prizes I want. Keep in touch, yall!

Friday, 22 May 2009

Friday Photo Prizes!


It's Friday! ...and that means, it's time for the Ancient Tiki Gods to browse the official Lucky Tribe Flickr group, and select their favourites.

Token Tiki found this contribution from Melisa Homewood to be particularly pleasing. He's now considering making hula skirts and flower Leis mandatory wear for anybody seeking a prize token. Thanks Melisa!

Thank you token tiki

We also loved Gammelor Weatherwax's outfit... perfect attire for the Fnordian Moon Maze...

Gammelor Weatherwax in the Fnordian Labyrinth - II

And finally, just to prove that this isn't turning into a fashion blog, we've selected this picture from FlutterGirl Looming - taken at the Paris Mushroom Hunt - which only goes to prove the theory that "bright green and spotty" is Mother Nature's way of saying "Don't eat me!"

It gots meh D_

Congratulations to all winners (or, at least, to the ones who are still alive!). Kudos Tokens are in the mail.
There'll be another batch of Lucky Tribe snapshot winners next Friday... so keep your submissions coming!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Leaderboard - Thursday


It's few days since I last posted one of these, so here's a freshly-generated Kudos leaderboard!

I'm in two minds as to whether to continue with these, since it might (slightly) alienate newcomers to the Tribe... and the game was never intended to be an outright points battle. Of course, you'll always be able to check out the points totals of any tribe members in your immediate vicinity via the tribe HUD, and claim bragging rights (and/or a smug sense of superiority) that way ;)

Any thoughts?

1) Lalinda Lovell - 1320

2) Atriel Starbrook - 1255

3) Bird Susa - 1205

4) Chun Cheng - 1190

5) Serenity Semple - 1160

6) FlutterGirl Looming - 1145

7) Lea Vendetta - 1105

8) AnnMarie McCellan - 1050

9) Armandi Goodliffe - 1045

=9) Tichelle Teebrook - 1045

11) Tsubaki Ushimawa - 1035

=11) Moon Fairymeadow - 1035

13) Geniveve Boucher - 1015

14) Matthew Masingh - 1005

15) Denim Robonaught - 985

16) Jarod Beaumont - 950

17) crystalbozek Parx - 935

18) innerlight Wirefly - 895

19) VictoriaRose Daniels - 890

20) Eleniel Galaxy - 880

(as always, these totals exclude special badges given to venue owners and beta testers!)

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

House Rules


As the number of people hunting for Lucky Tribe Kudos grows (1900 and counting!), we've reached the point where it's perhaps worth laying down a few ground rules, to keep everything tickity-boo and drama-free. Chief points of concern at the moment seems to be about people advertising goods with no connection to Lucky Tribe sponsors, or calling letters for non-Kudos chairs / Midnight Mania targets / other non-Tribal letter spam in the Lucky Tribe group channel... so that's probably a good place to start.

The official line:

Please DON'T call letters for any device that isn't part of the Lucky Tribe game. i.e, if you can't get Kudos from it, don't call it!

OK, I realise that discussion of other chairs, freebies, MM offers etc might occasionally come up in the natural ebb and flow of conversation, and I don't have a huge problem with that, as long as it's in context. (Everybody playing this game is a grown adult, and I'm sure we're all capable of making the distinction!) ... However - deliberate calling and/or repeated promotion of non-tribe content (i.e. things sold by people other than Lucky Tribe sponsors) is strongly discouraged. Please don't do it.

If you spot anybody breaking these guidelines, please don't fill the chat channel with flames and vitriol (sometimes that can turn out to be worse than the original spamming was!). Instead, please direct them - politely and calmly - to this statement, and let the topic drop.

I've set up a short URL to make that easier:

Thanks to everybody for their co-operation on this. I hope we can keep the Lucky Tribe group chat a fun, friendly place to hang out :)

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Professor Korvin's Mysterious Mycological Muddle


The latest BIG Lucky Tribe event kicked off at the weekend... mysterious mushrooms are popping up all over the Paris New York sim... collect the rarest (and highest-scoring) bundle within each 20 minute round to win prizes and Tribe Kudos! There are also instant prizes up for grabs if you find the green spotted toadstools, and a very special kudos award for players who successfully harvest the Champignon DorĂ©  - the rarest mushroom in all paris!

Lucky Tribe Mushroom Game Kick-Off

A rare appearance from the professor at the start of the event. Photo courtesy of AnnMarie McCellan.

The sim has been getting packed solid at peak hours, thanks to the current wave of mushroom mania ... so if you're having problems with your foraging, please try to call back at a less-busy time - rest assured that there are plenty of mushrooms to go round! ;)

Start your mission at the stall underneath the Eiffel Tower - Good Luck!

(Note - this game works best with the very latest version of the Lucky Tribe HUD - v1.2!)

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Tribestats - Saturday


1,256 people are now collecting Kudos... of which 192 members have passed the secret initiation ceremony (still a lot of drums to bang!). 61 people have caught the Violet lucky fish, 21 people have won a round of Detonation at Tribe HQ, and the top Kudos Booster is Ari's Neko Retreat, with 463 tribe members served!

Kudos leaderboard top 20 at approx 1:30PM SLT today...

1) Tsubaki Ushimawa - 1010

2) Atriel Starbrook - 995

3) Lalinda Lovell - 965

4) FlutterGirl Looming - 930

5) AnnMarie McCellan - 845

6) Chun Cheng - 835

7) Lea Vendetta - 830

8) Moon Fairymeadow - 790

9) Serenity Semple - 775

10) Airlia Illyar - 740

11) innerlight Wirefly - 725

12) Eleniel Galaxy - 710

13) Jarod Beaumont - 680

14) Rhoswen Capelo - 665

15) Armandi Goodliffe - 615

16) Sphynx Soleil - 610

=16) IzaBella Goldschein - 610

18) Hank Rucker - 600

19) Matthew Masingh - 595

=19) Geniveve Boucher - 595

(Leaderboard doesn't include venue owner and beta tester kudos bonuses!)

Lucky Fish Issues (Fissues?)


Last night, I spotted a glitch on the game server relating to the "Caught all 7 Lucky Fish" award. (I'm attributing the problem to a bad case of woodworm in Fish-Tiki's head). Unfortunately, as part of the process of fixing the glitch, I've had to remove the HUD badge from anybody who already owned it.

However - if you had this badge - it's not lost for good! Simply head back to Lucky Tribe HQ, click on Fish Tiki again, and he'll set you up with a brand new badge and replace your missing Kudos :)

If you spot any confused tribe members complaining about missing Kudos today, please draw this notice to their attention.

Apologies for the inconvenience, and happy fishing!

Friday, 15 May 2009

Photo Contest #1


It's friday... and that means time for the results of our first Lucky Tribe photo contest!

The ancient tiki gods found three pictures particularly pleasing this week...

...AnnMarie McCellan (aided and abetted by Gertie Packbiers) resorts to desperate measures...

Give us kudos!

...Lalinda Lovell submits an atmospheric pic of ancient tribal initiation rites...

Lalinda feels lucky

...and Lorimae Undercroft sends a picture of the love that dare not speak its name, deep within the Fnordian Moon Labyrinth...

Dragon kissies

All of these winners will be receiving a special Kudos boost + HUD badge very soon!

To be in the running for a prize next week, upload your snapshots to the Lucky Tribe Flickr group

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Welcome to Lucky Tribe


Welcome to the official Lucky Tribe blog! We're still getting everything up and running here (hrm... seems like that's been my catchphrase for all of last week), but hopefully this will soon be the place to come to for all the latest news on what's happening with the tribe.

I guess I should post a quick explanation, for those of you who haven't encountered the Lucky Tribe yet. Lucky Tribe is - in essence - a big social game, based in the Second Life virtual world. Tribe members take part in an assortment of tasks, events, and games to earn "Kudos Points" ... which can be redeemed for great prizes at out sponsor locations. Most of the games are co-operative in nature and designed to appeal to casual players ... and we're setting up attractions all over the SL grid, so Lucky Tribe is a great way explore second life, have some fun, meet new people, and take home some great prizes!

If you want to get started, visit the tribe HQ at this SLURL. Follow the signpost to claim your Lucky Tribe HUD, then start collecting Kudos points... the simplest way to grab some points is to chase down some of the special "Kudos Booster" lucky chairs that are already popping up around the grid... (join the Lucky Tribe group and ask for the cheat sheet!) - but watch out for interactive attractions and events like our Secret Initiation Ceremony, "Detonation", "Where's LostTiki?", "Lucky Fishing" and more. You can even win Kudos by posting cool tribe-themed snapshots to our Lucky Tribe Flickr group.

OK, the ancient tiki gods are demanding that I get back to scripting the next wave of Lucky Tribe content. I'll be inviting some guest bloggers to help fill out the content here over coming days (if you fancy contributing, drop me a message!) ... in the mean time, have fun collecting the Kudos, and Be Lucky!

Tribestats - 14th May


Despite a low-key launch only a few days ago, Lucky Tribe already has 992 players roaming the grid in search of Kudos. 453 of the smartest, sexiest, and most intelligent players have also joined the Lucky Tribe in-world group, and 152 players have managed to successfully undergo the secret tribal initiation ceremony :)

A few moments ago, the top 10 entries on the Kudos leaderboard looked like this:

1). 810 - Atriel Starbrook

2). 680 - Lalinda Lovell

3). 650 - FlutterGirl Looming

4). 570 - AnnMarie McCellan

5). 555- Armandi Goodliffe

6). 550 - Chun Cheng

=6). 550 - Eleniel Galaxy

7). 505 - Tsubaki Ushimawa

8). 495 - innerlight Wirefly

9). 465 - Rhoswen Capelo

10). 455 - Shy Horczys

=10). 455 - Jarod Beaumont

(Note: these figures DON'T include kudos from special badges given to event partners, beta testers etc ... these totals are only based on the kudos badges that are freely available to everybody!)