Monday, 30 November 2009

Prize Spotlight: Sanura Snowpaw's Dreams

Something different here. Rather than promote a Prize Ticket item, I'm gonna feature many prizes in a Lucky Chair! Sanura Snowpaw's chair at Dreams (SLurl) is filled with lucky goodness: a complete set of eight chair-exclusive "Lucky Tees" chosen randomly every 10 minutes or when someone claims a shirt. Nicely textured and fast-rezzing, each color comes on all three top layers for flexible use with other clothes. Not feeling lucky? You can buy the complete set for just L$400 from a sign near the chair.
If you do have a Prize Ticket to use, right below that sign is one with a decorative kitty collar featuring a 4-leaf clover.
While in the shop, grab the FREE Wear Gray for a Day tee in the box near the chair and some free tees from a Lucky Kitty on the near by table.
Now get ready ... the first seven to feel lucky can contact me in-world and I'll send along a prim you can rez or wear for 15 Kudos! If you've gotten the Blogaholic Kudos before, the points won't count but I'll still send to you a tee that I made ("Save the Whales! Collect the Whole Set!") UPDATE: 12:50PM SLT 03 Dec 2009 Seven people have contacted me. If it wasn't you, sorry! Maybe next time. Keep reading!

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