Friday, 8 January 2010

Kudos Spotlight: Lucky Tribe Fish found hiding at HQ

Greetings Tribe!
Well it turns out that those missing lucky fish of old bygone days of yore were not just your grandma's old fish wife stories...
Um, let me start again...
Those missing lucky fish that some of the old timers have on their lucky tribe HUD that you thought were gone for good are back. Apparently they were hiding at the Lucky Tribe HQ and are now available to be caught again. Fishing quotas what they are you might want to get down to HQ and catch them before they disappear again. Don't have the money for all the bait? Ah, think again there is a fishing pass at HQ. Now you won't need bait to catch that Seahorse you were angling for, but you will not get 7Seas XP either. It is a bit complicated so go to your lucky tribe notices and pull up all the juicy details.
Good Luck!
Miranda Foehammer

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