Friday, 12 February 2010

Kudos Spotlight: The Love Doctor

With the big V-Day coming, it should be noted that Shep is not above having a romantic side. Of course it comes in the form of another twisted twisted device...
This "Limited Kudos Opportunity", or LKO as we call it in the Tiki world is in the form of a Lucky Fortune called "The Love Doctor". Now I've heard there are 40 Kudos points riding on this machine finding a good match for you for "V-Day" so get gussied up, put on your best duds and gowns and make your way down to Lucky Tribe HQ to see if your Mojo is up.
I'm sure the Tiki Gods will only put up with a mad doctor for a limited time residing in their tropic flying nest. So hurry up folks.
Has everyone looked on the Facebook Page for Lucky Tribe yet?
Good Luck!
Miranda Foehammer

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