Sunday, 19 September 2010

Water Tiki - Fresh Water - New Location for Water Tiki Temple

It all started with a "Glug..." it always starts with a Glug. Water Tiki has a much larger vocabulary then what we normally hear him speak. "Wave, South Seas Edge, Fresh, Glug." Half the problem is you have to translate what he was meaning. But I had heard part of this before. Wave apparently means "move me!" Last time he wanted to change from a Sunset view to a Sunrise view and I had to move him halfway across the world. I actually convinced a group of dolphins to do it, but we won't go there. I looked thru my lexicon of Water Tiki sayings, and it translated to, "The water is always wetter on the other side of the sim line." This time, the move would be a lot easier. Water Tiki had too much Salt water and wanted to be moved closer to land, with fresh waterfall water. When a Tiki wants something, what can you do? So, Water Tiki Temple has been moved. Nestled under a waterfall along the edge of the an open river and the open sea. "Water Tiki Temple Jeaden! Lucky Tibe So new, oh so improved!" is open for all your "I need to supplicate myself to a water drenched Tiki needs." It is located at Now there are no new Kudos associated with the move, but... I will give my badge to the first three folks who send me a card saying, "Third time is a charm!" Good Luck! Miranda Foehammer

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    Good Luck Tribe!