Wednesday, 12 January 2011

6.5 Challenges, part 1 - Thrones appear in Fire Tiki and Air Tiki Temples

Greetings Tribe!
Happy New year to all. As we remember, the massive observer said something would happen on the new year and finally it has.
As you remember, dear readers, Fish Tiki had taken off for the hills saying he would fix the problem with the Cubes. So far he has not returned. A bit of archeology has dug up a possible remedy for our dilemma. It has to deal with Elemental thrones...
This was the cryptic message that arrived shortly after the first thrones appeared at Fire and Air: Fire Tiki Temple can be found at Air Tiki Temple can be found at
"It is written that in ancient times, a mysterious and powerful artifact stood in each of the elemental temples: The Four Mystical Thrones of Elemental Tiki Knowledge. In times of danger and trouble, Tribal elders would sit upon the thrones, imbibe mysterious substances, and be granted mystical insights into the problems facing those who followed the way of the Tiki.
Nobody is entirely sure what became of these magical thrones; clearly, they have not been seen in the temples for some time... though it has been suggested that they were temporarily moved to storage one Christmas to "make space for dancing and partying".
A task-force of crack archaeologists has therefore been dispatched to the sub-basement of Fish Tiki's lock-up, to try to locate the missing items of furniture.
Word from the archaeologists suggests that they have recovered four ancient items that might be considered thrones, of sorts... the first of which as been re-installed in the Air Temple.
Be warned - the knowledge obtained from the thrones is likely to be oblique and confusing at first. Fortunately, the great-and-wise Big Stone Head on Initiation Island has offered his services in decoding any messages that are found. We've always been a little confused about why Big Stone Head is here, and what his motives are (he's clearly unlike the other Tiki's, and possibly of a different species entirely)... but we believe his motives are benign.
Needless to say, Kudos will be rewarded to those who are successful in helping us unlock the wisdom of the ancients..."
I have examined one of these thrones and it seems to have a number over it. After speaking with other tribe members, they have determined each throne (so far) has 7 fragments in it. It is guessed you need to get all 7 fragments and take them to Big Stone Head at Lucky Tribe HQ for him to decipher them for you. HQ can be found at
So on top of this, there are new Kudos at HQ. Make a donation and get the January Kudos badge.
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Good Luck,
Miranda Foehammer

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