Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Prize Spotlight: D&V Creations

That's me, smiling behind that desk, because I just got a new computer! It came with this generous "Branded Collection" office set from D&V Creations (SLurl) and can be yours, too, for one Lucky Tribe Prize Ticket. This set has some nice features in its 50 prims, including nicely textured glass doors that open/close on touch, a laptop that uses the PearSoft system (for things like a Calculator and e-mail), a sculpted desk chair with 5 poses, and all the other items you see here. If you have an office and need to fill it, this will do nicely and impress your visitors.
If you've read this far, impress other Lucky Tribe members with your new Kudos total after you get my Summer of Blog badge in your HUD. The first 7 people to contact me in-world with the phrase "I'm gonna tell Shep to let Uccie outta the office!" and haven't gotten a blog award from me before now, I'll send along a prim to wear or rez to worth 15 Kudos.

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