Saturday, 8 August 2009

Prize Spotlight: Made in France

Many things confuse me. Like why are there eight hot dogs in a pack but six buns in a bag? Or, if Barbie is so popular, why do we have to buy her friends? How about if the store is called Made in France, why are there so many nice Japanese things there? I have a lot to worry so minor things like this I let drift by, especially since I traded in a Prize Ticket in the shop for this beautiful, 28-prim dining set. It's elegant design, quality textures, and Copy perms make this more than a L$100 value, it's sale value if you wanted to buy it rather than use a ticket. I'm looking to replace a lesser quality set I have in my home and this is perfect. The set is on display in the store (SLurl) and while you are there, check out the Lucky Board and the Midnight Mania. The shop has some nice clothes, tattoos, and other nice items.
Don't let Kudos confuse you! If you haven't yet earned the Summer of Blog Kudos, contact me in-world with the phrase "Wasabi Makes me Hot" and I'll send a prim to you to wear or rez that will add 15 Kudos to your total. Do it quickly, though, as I have only seven of these babies to give away.

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