Monday, 14 September 2009

Prize Spotlight: Flights of Fancy

Okies, now look at the dragon. :::giggle::: It's a pretty fanciful one from Noramyr Gullwing, the dragon breeder and fun pet maker behind Fights of Fancy. This awesome shop is part of an attractive and creative shopping complex at Extrovirtual and has a generous number of Kudos-laden Lucky Chairs (SLurl). Right near the region's landing spot is the Tribe prize redemption vendor (SLurl) and if you have a spare Prize Ticket, you can grab an adorable dragon like mine. She breathes fire, can be renamed (displayed or not over her head with hover text). For some reason she (yes, all my dragons are girls) initially attaches to the ear but you can move her anywhere, of course. I like dragons on my head, though, so this works for me.
The first seven Tribe members that contact me in-world with the phrase "Dragons Work for Me" will win a prim that can be worn or rezzed to add 15 Kudos to their HUD. If you've won the Summer of Blog points before today these won't count so give someone else a chance, please.

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