Sunday, 20 June 2010

LDKO "The Solstice Sphere"!

Greetings Tribers and Tribbettes,
Well happy solstice folks, or it will be soon. Tomorrow to be exact. As the Tiki's have it despite me locking the solstice cubes away and having Heavy Tiki sit on them. Despite Izo mailing the earth Solstice cube somewhere far away, our fickle Tiki masters have caused all my planning to come to naught and have created "The Solstice Sphere"! Now this one is spinning now and if you have dealt with the cubes before and you are still alive, you can now have your own war stories to tell new Tribers. Visit HQ and take up the vigil. The seventh person to touch it gets a whopping big 50 Kudos awards. Shep has promised if the tribe keeps it going until the actual solstice will get another reward. The way this works is the Sphere is aligning itself to an element and telling those around it what it is aligned to. If you are of that element it is open to, and you touch it it will spin for 7 seconds and let someone else touch it. If you are not, then the Tiki powered sphere will take a lot longer. The seventh person to touch the sphere gets the kudos. So since this is very limited in duration, I suggest you go NOW! to Lucky Tribe HQ and join the brave folks, wolf people and persisting ferrets that have been keeping that sphere turning. My hat is off to you folks!
If that is still not enough kudos for you, send me a note card with your name in the title and the following phrase, "Ring out those Solstice Bells!" to me inworld and I'll send you a limited "In the news" kudos prim to rez. If you have my award, please let some other people get it as I will only be sending out 3 this time around.
Stay Lucky!
Miranda Foehammer

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