Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Kudos Spotlight: Kudos Kuttlefish and the elusive Kudos Karrot

Just when you think there is nothing more that can loose the letter "C" you find you were wrong. This week Lucky Tribe brings you both the elusive Kudos Karrot and a new family of Kudos Fish. Lucky Designs has released a new type of Lucky Dip. This one is the Lucky Rabbit Hutch celebrating all things rabbit that has hopped all over Second Life. Make your way down to Lucky Designs @ and try out the new Lucky Dip for a chance to find the Kudos Karrot and gain it's badge. The second kudos release is a whole family of Lucky Kuttlefish. There are 7 varieties to catch, from the common Red variety to the SuperUltraRare Violet variety. So grab your fishing pole, fish eating plant or UFO and head down to Lucky Tribe HQ @ Remember HQ has the Lucky Tribe fishing Pass system that allows you to fish for the Lucky Tribe fish for either a daily or weekly rate. If you are in need of some additional kudos and have not received my blog kudos yet, send me an in world note card saying your name and "We are all deficient in vitamin C". Good Luck, Miranda Foehammer

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