Sunday, 18 July 2010

Kudos Spotlight: 5 *NEW* Lucky Tribe Kudos Locations

Greetings Tribers and Tribbettes! We have 5 great new Lucky Tribe Kudos locations to add this week. The first is another great shop for all you builders in the tribe. The name of the store is Onium Dye, and features a ton of great textures from neon to grunge. The owners Mazie Halprn and Tolsen Decycla have a two lucky chairs and a Lucky Dip all set up for the tribe. The chairs are the only ones at the moment with Kudos in them though. Come check them out at . Our second location is ~The Legacy~ Medieval and Fantasy Weaponry & More. The stores landscaping is breath taking when set to midnight. They can be found at They have a wide assortment of fantasy eyes, swords, spears and other ways to quietly dispatch of thine enemies in the Spellfire combat system. So come on down and hit their Lucky Board. Our third location is *~*ThReDz*~* a store with clothes for him and her. I hear you guys complain about lack of clothes options. They have two chairs to get your kudos from. You will land surrounded by bunnies! You will see the store up at the end of the bunny patch. The sign above the door reads Apholic. So come down to Call me Alice! Our next shop has me thinking I give my self very good advice, but very seldom follow it... Have you ever found yourself asking, where can I find giant mushrooms or a dark foreboding stone cottage? I know I have. Well question no longer! They are here at Mycophile Main Store - Mushrooms, Fantasy Plants and Prefabs. Another store by Ross Myhre of Mire fame. We all knew he was a little unhinged, but I think we all know why now. Come check out this great store Our last store has some great sculpt items. It is called Amethyst Anime. Fountains, Pillars, more mushroom stools and has some of those cute bunnies hopping around. So come and check out this store and their Lucky Chair at So I know most of you have have my "In the news" blog kudos badge and Shep realized that too. So... he crafted a brand new, shiny badge for me to give out. So, the next 3 people who send me a note card in world saying. "Yep, I read it!" will get this newest of newest badges. Good Lucky! Miranda Foehammer

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  1. Ok received my 3 cards. Next time there will be another round of the new Kudos!