Sunday, 25 July 2010

Kudos Spotlight: LDKO: Element Kraken

Hello Tribbettes and Tribers!
Miranda Foehammer here. Now it was thought that with all of Fish Tiki's issues he might have a hard time making friends. He's like your unmarried uncle Walt. Lives by himself, has some strange hobbies and smells a bit funny. I must admit he makes a wonderful mushroom soup. Well it looks like he has no problem finding friends after all.
Oddly, his friends seem to be very large and have tentacles. I guess everyone has their own form of summer camp and Fish Tiki's is taking place at Lucky Tribe HQ right now!
Now at Lucky Tribe HQ, Fish Tiki's pond has been invaded by by a Kraken, and it seems to have spawned a new form of elemental krakens. They are all of a Rare variety and there is one for each element. Also, one seems to be eating Fish Tiki's head but he does not seem to mind. So come on down to HQ and catch yourself some of the babies before they all go away. Hopefully the Great Kraken will move to the Water Tiki temple at the end of Tiki summer camp. Our own Nya Raymaker. There was a lot of interest in my new blog kudos badge, so again I will offer it to the first three people who send me a request for it with a note card stating, "Sell the tentacles at Nya's NOT Lovenkrafters!" Good Luck and good fishing, Miranda Foehammer PS - I have given out the three kudos prizes from this time.

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