Sunday, 11 October 2009

Prize Spotlight: Pooka Creations

Try to remember that lucky is at the heart of the Lucky Tribe. Sometimes you win a chair and sometimes you don't. Sometimes you get a 100% match at Lucky Fortunes and more often you don't. I was rather lucky when I found Pooka Creations (SLurl) because I got two wildcards in a row for great prizes (a carrot juice bottle and 3pak of funny avies). It must have been the presence of the Tiki Bunny, right next to the chair in the Prize Ticket Redemption Board. Here's what is in the box when you use a ticket to get yours:
- 1 Tiki Bunni that you can hug nice and close (mind the splinters)
- 1 Tiki Bunni that dangles from your right hand (it's also brought a carrot along for a snack)
- 1 decorative unscripted Tiki Bunni, 18 prims and 4 meters high (not very prim-conscious, but still fun)
The statue is huge! Maybe even bigger than Shep's (I've been told I must note that "size doesn't matter" regardless of my preferences) and possibly cuter (sorry again, Boss). And the plushies are adorable, too. I can guarantee* that you'll win every chair you see when wearing one of these cute cuddlers. Run right out and get this set now before you lose out on any more prizes! What? You don't have enough Kudos for a Prize Ticket? Contact me in-world with the phrase "But Shep's Tiki is Quality Wood" and I'll send a prim that you can wear or rez to add another 15 Kudos to your total. It's the new Blogaholic badge and everyone is eligible right now. I'll take only the first seven people, though, so hurry up! Oops.. that was fast! Got all seven. Keep reading!
*Guarantee not valid on any day ending in Y. Promise may be void if found to be a fib. Your rights may vary from state-to-state so be sure to visit each and every one before trying to make good on any damages. Keep in mind that is is more hyperbole than an actual guarantee so smile and take it for what it is worth.

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