Thursday, 22 October 2009

Prize Spotlight: Abundantia

After looking at quite a few really great Lucky Tribe Redemption Prizes for this post, my inner-geek dragged me back to Abundantia at Uhre-DragonReach (SLurl) for YessikaCalydon Bardenboar's The astounding Ramla, a fortune teller much like you can still sometimes see in arcades or carnivals. As you'd expect, if you want your fortune you pay one of the two "coin slots" L$1 to learn the Ramla's words of wisdom. After that a blue dialog box appears in the upper-right corner of your screen with your fortune, one of 4o inside the machine (20 per "coin slot"). Here is what I got for my buck: "It is only those who have hit rock bottom that ever appreciate the sky."
Of course, I paid myself but I can see using this gadget in one of my shops where I have 40 spare prims to pick up some pocket change. I've used other vendor/toys like this, though not for the income. Rather something like this adds atmosphere and whimsy to a shop or other venue so customers spend more time and, hopefully, see more of your products to buy. The 40 prims is a bit heavy, but the unit is Copy/Mostly Mod so you could adapt it, like remove the feet or add a sign to explain how the device works. I like the cleverness of it I think I'll have some fun with it.
I know I'm gonna have at least as much fun as the Prize Ticket I used to get it is worth and I think you will, too. What? You don't have a Prize Ticket? You need more Kudos? Then contact me in-world with the phrase "I see a Lucky future" and I'll send a prim to you that adds 15 Kudos to your total when you wear it or rez it. I can take only the first seven people who haven't yet gotten the Blogaholic badge. And I'll mark this post as soon as I can when I hand out the last one. [19:36 SLT 23Oct2009] And I got the last one in before my messages capped. That was Lucky. Sorry if I didn't reply to some of you, but that's what capping means.
Are you a Lucky Tribe affiliate with a Redemption Prize that you want to have featured here? Contact me in-world via note card with your shop's LM and I'll drop by to check it out.

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