Thursday, 15 October 2009

Prize Spotlight: Wine and Roses

Second Life® residents love their skyboxes but I prefer to live on the ground. When I rented a large swath of land on a private region I kept my home on the ground and created some lovely landscaping. There were times I could do the same thing when I lived on mainland. But other times when the view was terrible or I needed a high-altitude skybox for privacy I seldom put in windows. After all, what is the point of staring out into an infinity of blueness?
I wish I had come up with Nika Dreamscape's idea of making beautiful faux windows, like this Lucky Tribe Ticket Redemption Prize from her store, Wine and Roses (SLurl). This three-prim, nicely textured piece has copy/mod permissions so you can liven up any wall with a great view through several windows without using a lot of prims. Her shop has several styles you can purchase even if you are on a budget. And be sure to look at the attractive stained glass lamps. While at her shop I won an adorable butterfly patterned lamp from her Lucky Chair.
Actually, it was that chair that got me the extra kudos I needed for the prize ticket. If you need more Kudos, too, contact me in-world with the phrase "I like a room with a view" and I'll send you a prim you can rez or wear for 15 Kudos! First seven people only, though, and if you won the Blogaholic points before this you can say Hi but the points don't accumulate.
6:01pm SLT WOOT! Just got #7 ... thanks for reading, yall. I'll post again soon.

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