Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Kudos Spotlight: Kahli's Closet!

Greetings Tribe!
Well Lucky Tribe has another great new location. It is Kahli's Closet. It has some great clothes and boots. This time for guys and gals alike. Come check them out at
If you have ever been interested in shaping the future of the tribe, head up to Lucky Tribe HQ @ and look at the feet of Mentor Tiki for a clip board. Click on it and answer a few questions for Shep. He will greatly appreciate it. There's no kudos in this one, but as Shep says, "You will get a warm fuzzy feeling."
Also if you have not given tribute to the great Tiki gods this month there is the new Lucky Tribe VIP (August) badge that you can get for making a donation at the board at HQ. Think of the termite treatments and Kraken extraction fees we will be having to shell out to free poor Fish Tiki and subsequent child support fees (look closely at your krakens). If you have not received my new blogging badge, send me a card in world reminding me to, "Think of the Saplings!" and the first Lucky Three will get my new badge.
Good Luck Tribe!
Ok folks enough people have thought of the Saplings for now. I've given out the 3 badges for this time. Thanks, keep reading!
Miranda Foehammer

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