Sunday, 21 November 2010

Kudos Spotlight: The Unlucky tide is over bring on the Lucky Kudos!

Greetings Tribe,
We have two new Great Lucky Tribe locations to bring you this week.
The owners of the first shop The Furry Cuddle Cave and Mystic Dreams Main Store were nice enough to rez one of their Ameretto breedable horses to show one of their fantastic items they sell. Store also has jewelry, breedable dragons, hats, bracers, tattoos, kids clothes, neko ears and tails and tons of different baggie pants. They also do landscaping items like tree houses, skyboxes and waterfalls. Additionally, they have two Lucky Chairs to get some good luck kudos flowing again. Come check them out at
Our second location is Rhedd Night Designs (RND). They have some great jewelry with matching hand bags and belts. Can't beat that can you? ;-) They also have two lucky boards. Come and get a new look at RND. The store can be found at .
Good luck!
Miranda Foehammer
PS If you have not received my Blog Kudos yet, please send me a note card in world telling me, "I feel lucky!" need to hear that affirmation again.

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