Thursday, 2 December 2010

Kudos Spotlight: (~Moonlight Shadows~) Gorean Store

Greetings Tribers and Tribbettes,
When I was dealing with my clock issues I spent many nights away from the house under the stars. If I had only visited Moonlight Shadows, our newest Lucky Tribe location I might have been lucky enough to get a nice tent to sleep under. Well at least now I can. They have a ton of great gorean styled clothing, furniture, equipment, landscape items, and chores for all of you who cannot get enough washing joy in first life.
They have two unlucky chairs just packed full of kudos so come and get them while they're hot. Come check them out at
Also, there is a weird visitor at Lucky Tribe HQ. It is chained and some are keeping a close watch on this character. It does not seem to like Fish Tiki at all... I wonder what it wants. Anyway, folks have been advised to not mess with the chain as it becomes unstable when messed with. Luckily, it is just as easy to fix.
Lastly there are new fish to catch in the tribes pool. Rudolph Tiki, Santa Tiki and an Angel Tiki are the new ones to populate the pool. The Lucky Seahorse (Angelic) is also back for a short period of time, so come on down to HQ and catch the seasonals.
If you don't have my kudos badge yet, the first three people who send me their favorite roast bosk recipe will get my badge.
Good Luck!
Miranda Foehammer

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