Saturday, 30 October 2010

LDKO: The last of the Halloween Kudos

So I stumbled back to Water Tiki and asked, "Am I still full of bad luck?" A coconut then fell from the tree above the Water Tiki temple and hit me on the head, before floating up to the surface. He muttered, "flooded". "I thought you said it would go away if I did all of those unlucky chairs." "Unlucky". He said with authority. Unlucky is Watertikese for 13. I counted my unlucky Kudos. Oh my more to go. "Then what are the others?" He asked, "Trick or treat?" There are a number of new LDKO out there folks! First dare to trick or treat with the tikis? Head to each of the elemental temples and find out what Halloween means to the tikis. 1 Trick or treat quest starts at each temple. There are Kookies to be found at Lucky Designs. Ask the tribe and they'll help you get this LDKO. Finally, a previously thought extinct mushroom has been seen at detonation at Lucky Tribe HQ. It is very picky about when it can be seen, so head up to HQ. It will only be there today and tomorrow. Good Luck, hopefully soon... Miranda Foehammer

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