Saturday, 4 December 2010

Kudos Spotlight: Wonderland & December Kudos

Greetings tribe!
Just a reminder it's a new month so if you come to HQ and put up a little donation the Tikis will thank you with the December Kudo's badge.
Speaking of HQ, looks like our visitor was release! He's gone, I wonder if he saw fish tiki before he left. Fish tiki seemed mighty concerned about our visitor.
We have a brand spanking new Kudos Location. Wonderland has light sculpts, wings, neko tails. Come check them out at They have both a modified classic lucky chair and a lucky board.
If you have not received my blog kudos yet, send me a note card asking the eternal question, "Oh where, oh where has my ugly cube gone?" I'll send it to the first three people I get a card from.
Good Luck!
Miranda Foehammer

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