Monday, 5 April 2010

Limited Duration Kudos Op: The Lucky Tribe Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter season has brought a new Lucky Tribe Limited Duration Kudos Op or LDKO for short. This one is a great chance to revisit a ton of lucky tribe sites you might not have been to for a while. This will require a bit of planning if you want to get all of the Kudos on this hunt. I suggest you head to Lucky Tribe HQ and get yourself a card describing how it works and review the sign for the different Kudos you can win.
If you missed it go back through the announcements in the lucky tribe group and pull the card from there describing the egg hunt. Inside that card is another card with the wonderful lucky tribe locations that are participating.
With all these eggs, we are going to have a lot of egg salad. Hmm... Eggs, mayo and pickles (I still have tons of that) but I'm going to need mustard. The next three people that send me a note saying, "I got you mustard" will win a limited "The news kudos badge" token. If you already have this from me, please let someone else get the prize.
We have an update on the egg hunt: I'll quote Shep, "A couple of updates on the easter egg hunt: first (at risk of starting a public lynching...) I've just noticed that the hunt was launched with a run time of 8 days instead of 10 (oops!) - meaning the eggs will start to disappear in the (very) early hours of Saturday Morning. Please aim to complete your egg hunting before then! Secondly - for anybody who missed the in-chat announcements - Paws for Thought and Gwendolyn Cassini Creations are late additions to the list of participating egg hunt locations."
Good luck tribe!
Miranda Foehammer

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