Thursday, 1 April 2010

Prize Spotlight: Discomfort Grunge Furnishings

In Meatspace (what most call Real Life), I tend to repair damaged furniture when I can ... clean a stain, mend a tear, sand a gouge, etc. ... so my things take a while to look distressed. Many folks like that look, however I don't understand it myself, but where there's a market, there's someone willing to pay top dollar for "antiqued" goods. Fortunately we have Discomfort Grunge Furnishings (SLurl) in Second Life so you can get high-quality distressed furniture perfect to match the grunge lifestyle or some "period" builds and you don't need to spend a lot. Everything I saw was reasonably priced so I'll be recommending it to friends. Right now, though, I'm recommending it to you if you have a Kudos Prize Ticket. Trade it in right near the entrance (opposite the Lucky Chair) for this really nice clover stool. At only 5 prims, this nicely textured seat makes a nice accessory for your garden. I'll wait right here while you go get one. What? Back already? Great! Now contact me in-world and say "I'll park my fanny on a clover!" and I'll send to you a prim you can wear or rez that adds 5 points to your Kudos total. This is the Blogaholic badge and I'm only going to give it to the first seven people who haven't already earned it so act fast! Watch this space and I'll post when I've given out all seven!

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