Sunday, 25 April 2010

Kudos Spotlight: Two Chairs one Coin

Greetings Tribe!
We have two new great Lucky Tribe Locations and a new Kudos Koin, this week.
The first location is Kouture Kitty and Wild Hearts Club. This location has some wonderful Neko style boots and tails! Come check them out and take a rest in the wonderful pink Lucky Chair for that much needed Kudos boost. .
Our second location this week is [SG] Photo Backgrounds by Skip Greybeard. Beautiful backgrounds for all your photo shoot needs. I love photos in SL, it's part of what drew me here. So I'm so happy we have this location in Lucky Tribe. This location has a Lucky Board @ .
Finally, our new old friend at Forever in Love with Science Fiction has been kind enough to add a Kudos Koin to their Tardis shaped Lucky Dip! Come check it out @ .
The next three folks that send me a notecard inworld with the note saying, "'ve got a 6 foot long white scarf", will get the limited "In the News..." Kudos award from me.
Good Luck,
Miranda Foehammer

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  1. nice picture, but where is the scarf...? The long white scarf ...