Sunday, 16 May 2010

Prize Spotlight: The Funky Chapeau

If you have logged into Second Life anytime in the last 90 days, at least, you may have noticed some rage about breedable bunny pets. And you may have noticed all the related accessories and bunny-themed clothing. I don't know if that is what Greg Gustave had in mind when he made The Outback Bunny Adventures Chapeau, but you can pick one up at his shop, the The Funky Chapeau (SLurl) with your Lucky Tribe Prize Ticket. Seven cute prims on your head and you, too, can be a well-dressed bunny. The shop also has a Midnight Mania and two Lucky Chairs! What? You don't have a Lucky Tribe Prize Ticket? Then you need more Kudos, so if you have not won the Blogaholic Prize, contact me in-world with the phrase "Nuttin' like Bunneh Luv" and I'll send you a prim you can wear or rez for 15 more points (1st 7 people only)! And I'll toss in a full-perm bunny sculpt you can use to make a pet for yourself. Got the points already but want the bunny anyway, drop me a line, too.

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