Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Kudos Spotlight: New LDKO, 2 New types of reoccuring Kudos and a New board

So I get this call from Fish tiki. He wants me to get his cooking pot. "What now?" I think to myself. I manage to go thru the Tribes secret storage facility. Torch and gun in hand. Do you know how many lost socks there are in there that were gumming up the hot tub's filter? I chase away rabid giant termites. Don't ask, they are there just awaiting any unlucky tiki who ever has to get his own stuff. I grab the pot and make it back out into the sunlight only to find that our beloved Fish Tiki... he has a fungus. Yes, according to Shep, it's been real damp up at HQ and Fish Tiki has contracted a mushroom. Virus, fungus, Solstice Cubes, what's next? Fish tiki keeps just muttering the same thing. He wants a specific mushroom. Not just one mind you quite a few. So if you are in mind to help, please visit fish Tiki, you might want to ask the tribe for a little help, but I hope you have all of your Mycologigal gear in good order, you are going to need it. This is a limited duration kudos opportunity (LDKO) and will be around until 1) fish tiki gets over his fungus. 2) He gets sick of mushroom soup or 3) He dries up. Second we have a new Kudos Booster location. If you are looking for a new bike and new kudos boost make your way down to Scooter World. They have a few boards and the chance to win a bike or some great textures from them. Third there is now a new wandering Kudos prize that changes locations. The way this works is that around detonation time, the wonderful tiki gods in their typical chaotic and fickle fashion might move the new kudos badge to any one of the existing Kudos locations out there. Where is it? By the time you read this, who knows? The interesting thing about this one is, you can get it multiple times. Want to boost your Kudos points up, seek the hidden badge. So far it has appeared at two locations. So keep you eyes sharp and keep in touch with your fellow tribers to figure out where the prize is. Lastly, there is a new opportunity for us to help out lucky tribe. This is the Lucky Tribe (VIP) badge. It is very simple to get and Lucky Tribe will thank you for a donation of a few linens with the fine Kudos op. Show your support for lucky tribe by proudly wearing this badge. It's available at Lucky Tribe HQ near the teleport zone. This one by the name of the badge suggests it will be available as a monthly badge. Oh, and if you don't have my "In the news" badge, just send a note card to me in world with your name on the card please saying, "Fish Tiki is needy." and I'll send you a token you can rez to get my points. Good Luck Tribe, Miranda Foehammer

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  1. Oh please note only the first three people who send me the request will get the badge, if you miss it, please keep reading the blog. Thanks, Miranda