Thursday, 26 August 2010

Kudos Spotlight: 3 New Kudos Opportunities

Greetings Tribe!
With all the fishing and vigils going on it's a busy time for lucky tribe. Well don't relax yet. We have 3 new Kudos opportunities.
Our first shop is Framelight [K.O.] Khan Omizu Textures! Wonderful building and fabrics. They have two lucky chairs there. The ones with the signs above them are the tribe chairs.
Our second location is The Mad Catter, cute neko clothes for both him and her! Come check them out at Their lucky board is upstairs.
Finally, one of our newer locations, Onium Dye has added a lucky koin to their Lucky Dip! Get your hazmat gear ready and take a dip! . Check out their great textures while you are here.
I have a special tee shirt for the first three people who send me either the statement, "I'm a fish tiki supporter." or "Down with Fish Tiki". On top of my blog badge they will receive a t-shirt expressing their opinions that Ross was so nice to make for me.
Good Luck!
Miranda Foehammer

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