Saturday, 21 August 2010

A Postcard from Lost Tiki

Oh oh… it looks like Lost Tiki has really outdone himself this time, and found himself stranded in the Land of Dead Kudos. Ever wondered where all the abandoned, used-up, and plain-forgotten-about kudos boosters disappear to when they're not clicked on any more? That'll be the Land of Dead Kudos. It's a bit like the Elysium Fields of ancient greek mythology… only with grass skirts, lounge music, and exotic cocktails.

Anyway, all good things come to an end, and Lost Tiki has finally decided it's time to come home… there's only one problem - the trip to the Land of Dead Kudos is, traditionally, a one-way ride. There are no return flights. Extracting Lost from this world of missed kudos opportunities could take exceptional measures….

But there might be a way! The oldest Tiki priests recall a forgotten age when the ancient feast of "The Reaping" took place in late August. Opinions vary on the origins of this feast… some folk claim that it was tied up with harvesting that usually takes place around this time of the year… while other (more clued-up?) individuals claim that the festival was actually to do with the reaping of souls, and transitions from the mortal plain to the Land of Dead Kudos.

Here's the plan: The ancient Elemental Tikis believe that - for the duration of The Reaping - it might be possible to open a portal to the Land of Dead Kudos. To do this, they need the power of worship …. more specifically: the power of VIGIL worship!

Event Rules:

The Festival of the Reaping runs from NOW until Sunday 29th August.

If at least ONE elemental vigil is fully completed - at any Lucky Tribe temple - during this period, a gateway to the Land of Dead Kudos will be opened, and Lost Tiki will be able to escape.

A vigil only counts as valid if it has at least ONE vigil virgin taking part in it (i.e. somebody who hasn't won a "completed vigil" kudos badge before now answers at least one of the Tiki's questions).

As thanks for aiding his escape from the Land of Dead Kudos, Lost Tiki will bring gifts - These gifts will take the form of "resurrected" kudos boosters from The Land of Dead Kudos, giving people who missed them the first time round a NEW chance to win these (otherwise unavailable) badges.

On Monday 30th August, ONE previously-dead Kudos Booster will be returned to EACH temple that successfully completes a vigil during the course of "The Reaping" - meaning Lost Tiki could return from the Land of Dead Kudos with up to FOUR "dead" badges.

The exact badges to return will be nominated by the high priest/priestess of each temple (or, in the event of AWOL priests, their second-in-command will be consulted). The badges must be the "standard" in-store kudos booster type badges - i.e. a lucky chair, lucky board, fortunes, or lucky dip. Got something you REALLY want to see restored for a week? …tell the priests!

The resurrected kudos boosters will be placed in the relevant temples, and be winnable for a period of one week… after which, they will slip back to the Land of Dead Kudos (their presence in our reality is, alas, only transient!)

Good Luck! :)

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