Friday, 13 August 2010

LDKO: Friday the 13th: The Unlucky Fish Returns

Way back when the world was new the Tiki Gods decreed many things. For example that swallows would return to Capistrano on March 13th, that you would always loose socks in the dryer and that on Friday the 13th the Most elusive of Lucky Tribe fish would return to their spawning ground at Lucky Tribe HQ .
Now you might ask yourself, Unlucky Fish, isn't that against the concept of Lucky Tribe? No, Lucky Tribe is concerned with Luck of all varieties. Think of the Unlucky Fish as the Tribes scape goat. When you can't get that chair to flip, it's probably because some wild unlucky fish is hiding under the chair or is in the next region. So do your part in restoring the luck to HQ by catching one of these ultra rare fish.
Oh, if you haven't received my new blog kudos send me a note card telling me "I embrace all forms of Luck." The first three people who send me that will receive my badge.
Good Luck,
Miranda Foehammer
PS. I got my three notecards. Stay tuned new ops soon!

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