Wednesday, 25 August 2010

LDNKBO: Fish Tiki has his day!

While I was in the Water Tiki temple yesterday, cleaning up after the successful vigil over the weekend. By cleaning, I mean talking the snails that live there to keep on moving... I received message from Fish Tiki. It was very demanding even for him. Now I normally don't have any issue with this and told Water Tiki all about it. Water Tiki in his wisdom asked me, "Beast". "Kraken" I answered and the font of wisdom opened up in my mind! It said, if we do what Fish Tiki demands there will be a LDNKBO!
OK, I know what you are asking. What is a LDNKBO? Well its a limited duration no kudos badge opportunity and one is going on right now. Well since all the other Elemental Tiki's have been have gotten so much attention by the tribe trying to bring back Lost Tiki from the LoDK (Land of Dead Kudos), Fish Tiki has become a bit upset. See, he has determined that he needs as much attention as all the other Tikis got added together. So, from what he claims, even though we completed all of the necessary ceremonies to bring Lost Tiki back (with rich LDDKO [Limited Duration Dead Kudos Opportunities]), Fish Tiki is blocking the gates to the LoDK and preventing him from coming back until we do as he says.
Now after doing all of his culinary chores, Blackened Unlucky Fish and Mushroom Soup hunts he now wants us to do his housekeeping. And with all of the Lucky and Unlucky fish living in his pool at Lucky Tribe HQ, there has been the normal and abnormal bickering that happens at family reunions and this has lead to a few, oh lets say, accidents. The bottom of Fish Tiki's pool is full of many dead fish. You would think with 7 Kraken spawn living in there (Air, Water, Fire, Water, Ghost, Tiki and Lost varieties included) all catch able and all chock full of your daily Kudos needs, they would have dealt with the bodies, but it turns out they are very picky eaters. There apparently are 77 dead fish in that pool and they need to be fished for.
I received an odd pictogram before I left to go to HQ and didn't have a chance to decipher it before I joined my fellow Tribers and Tribbettes at the sight of the cleanup. Fish Tiki looked happy as he saw members of all of the elemental tiki's followers doing his bidding. I chastized Fish Tiki for his behavior and broke out my fishing rod. The tribe seemed to pull together to work well toward cleaning up the pond. I started fishing. I didn't catch one all night. After all, what type of bait do you use to catch dead fish? Anyway, if you catch one of the dead fish, on top of getting a little smelly, you get a badge. There are no Kudos associated with the badge, but for all you badge collectors, it's well worth it on it's own. So head down to LTHQ and catch one of those dead fish (uncommon).
I worked to decipher the pictogram, a slice of ham, a well drawn picture of a neko, a children's spinning toy, wavy lines a crude picture of a tiki and a Buddhist Monastery. I figured out what it meant and made my way back to Water tiki temple and found a neko waiting for me on the roof. He asked me not to give his name, but he said he was the unofficial priest of Lost Tiki and proceeded to rant for an hour, he claimed that Fish Tiki was trying to take over and prevent his Lost Tiki from coming back. I looked at his kudos points and noticed he had very few, he said he spends all of his time looking for lost tiki and has had no time to devote to anything else. His main point was, "fish are for eating not giving commands." I wandered away a little numbed after the incident and had to think, had Fish Tiki overthrown Lucky Tribe?
This afternoon I received a message from his Fishyness, "The Great And Mighty Fish Tiki, Keeper of All Things Fishy and slightly whiffy, wishes it to be known that:TWENTY THREE Loyal and fishy Acolytes have removed decomposing fishy lumps from his beloved pond.Also, be it known that - in recognition of SPEEDY, TIMELY, and EFFICIENT fish-lump removal (i.e. being the first acolyte to get her hands dirty), Cherry Kirktown has been granted the honorary title of: FIRST PRIESTESS of FISH TIKI, for the next 2 weeks." Congrats Cherry!
Well I'd like to hear your thoughts on the Fish Tiki disruption. If you have not received my badge yet, please write me a note in world saying either, "I for one would like to welcome our new fishy overlord!", "Oh, come on Miranda, this is Fish Tiki we are talking about." or "Viva la Revolucion!" to describe your stance on Fish Tiki's ascendancy. The first three who send me their vote will receive my I love the blog badge.
Good Luck!
Miranda Foehammer

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