Thursday, 7 October 2010

Lash-Ware and Izo's

Greetings Tribers and Tribbettes! So we are creeping into October. New kudos are here and more to come. I'm going to give you three locations today and catch up on the other new Kudos locations later this week. Have you ever heard the guys complain about clothes for them? Well, Lash-wear is one of the tribes new locations and it caters to the more masculine of the tribe. They also have some great t-shirts for everyone. Come check out their store and hit their lucky board. It can be found at Long time Tribbette Izo has opened up her own store, it is filled with cute outfits and hair styles for ferrets! You have to come check this one out for yourself. Izo's garden & fishing hole has a miniature lucky chair as well. http://slurl/secondlife/Morning%20Shire/34/226/21 . Lastly, there is a new terror that has grown at Lucky Tribe HQ. This is what happens if you don't change the filter on the hot tub often enough. There is a new type of dip. "The Unlucky Dip" Dare you take a dip into the tentacle monsters tub? There could be kudos hidden in there, but will you survive to get them? Take a dip, see if you get lucky. Lucky Tribe HQ is located at Since we are talking monster, if you want my blog badge, and if you don't have it, send me a note card in world telling me the most creative Halloween costume you have ever seen or wore. The first three people to send me the card will get my badge. Update: I have given away all of the kudos this round. Good Luck Tribe! Miranda Foehammer

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