Tuesday, 19 October 2010

LDKO: Unlucky Misfotunes and The Unlucky Tribe Initiation - The other side of Luck

The veil grows thinner and thinner this time of year. Strange occurrences happening even more often. Ghosts, possessed sky stones, Blogspot preventing image uploads for two hours, tentacle monsters in your dishwater, could it get weirder? Oh yes Virginia, it can and it has... Have you ever asked yourself, just how unlucky am I? Question no longer. At Lucky Tribe HQ right now a new Lucky Fortune has appeared, or should I say, Unlucky Misfortune! You ever wanted to see how bad a match can get? Then find the person you think you will least work out with and try out the "Unlucky Misfortune" at HQ. It's a LDKO so make sure you do it soon! After you have found your unlucky match head up to Initiation Tiki, take your seat and get initiated into "Unlucky Tribe." You know the routine, "Do you feel lucky?" Not for now you don't! Again, this is another of the LDK Ops for the season. Don't be late, you'll be sorry. For all those who still need my blog kudos, the next three people who send me an in world note card saying, "I still believe in spooks!" will get my blog badge. Feeling Unlucky, Miranda Foehammer

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