Wednesday, 27 October 2010

LDKO: The Unlucky Chair Hunt

The day started out pretty much as expected. The clock struck 13 again. As it had every seven minutes for the last two weeks. Getting up, I tripped over my black cat, falling onto my nightstand and shattering the mirror. I tried to stand up and stumbled into my umbrella stand which fell over and my parasol popped opened onto the floor where an unlucky wind grabbed it and dragged it across my kitchen table spilled my salt, finally it rested on my horse shoe which rested for a moment before spilling over upside down. Just as I thought my bad luck for the day was over I received the bill from the clock repairman, who had informed me my clock was possessed and there was nothing he could do about it. Why, oh why, did I do that Unlucky Tribe initiation? Wandering outside I saw dark clouds hanging above, casting my normally tranquil blue island with a menacing reddish sheen. Ghost tiki was still haunting other Tribe locations. Maybe it had to do something with him. I sought out Water Tiki's advice. The Water Tiki Temple, oh so new, oh so improved, was filled with ghostly fish, spinning in a ghastly dance of death. Avoiding their attention I found Water Tiki in a dour mood. "Water Tiki, I'm having the worst luck. Are my fortunes going to get better?" "Drought." Water Tiki spoke in stern tones. "Is there any chance I can reverse my fortunes and bring back the good luck?" "Puddle." he simply stated. "Do you have any good news for me to pass onto the tribe?" "Ocean! Waterspout deeper evaporation, drown... silver-lining!" He proclaimed in formal Watertikese. I floated there pondering his words. "So, in order for the unlucky trend to end we must subject ourselves to a lot more unluck and probably pain, but good things will come from it?" "Glub" So what is this silver lining Water Tiki spoke of? Kudos of course. We have another LDKO. This time Unlucky Chair Hunt. Start purging some of those Unlucky feelings as you get electrocuted, beheaded or implaled at each of the following locations! You only get Kudos for 1 of each of these location if they have multiple chairs. Abundantia: Amethyst Anime: Dreams & Nightmares: (4 chairs spread around) Fnordian Maze: Lovenkrafters: (adult sim) Vintage Perfection: Lucky Designs: After you have purged your unluckiness at each of those chairs check in with Mentor Tiki to claim a special kudos prize! I know I'm going to need alot of asprin during this. If you have not received my blog kudos and are one of the first three people to send me an in world note card saying, "I got you a bottle of asprin." I'll send you a prim for you to wear to get my kudos. Good Luck Tribe! Miranda Foehammer

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