Saturday, 16 October 2010

Kudos Spotlight: LDKO The Scary Season...

I was roused from sleep by a disquieting dream. Not remembering the details, I layed snuggled in bed, buried under the covers trying to get back to sleep. A cold wind blew thru the room forcing me to bury my head under the blanket when the clock on my mantle started to chime. Bing, bing, bing... I had no idea of the time so I listened to the chimes. 13. My cat jumped onto the bed and tried to get under the covers. I sat there and just pet him, I felt his concern as well. The veils between worlds were growing thin, and I knew the season of Halloween had come to Lucky Tribe. So we knew that the Unlucky Dip had shown up at Lucky Tribe HQ so I asked around. Rumors of a Ghostly Tiki had surfaced again. Now I know what you are thinking, how can a tiki become a ghost? I don't know the answer to that but I started my search. LTHQ would be the best place to start the search so I figured I would start at the bottom up. I reached the area of the sky stones and looked around. There is a new ghostly engraving near the stones. 13. Hmm this had to have something to do with the Sky stones game. Still no ghost tiki. I made my way up to Fish Tiki's pond and saw the oddest devilish sea-horse poke it's head up out of the water. I broke out my pole and caught it straight away and caught a brand new SuperUltraRare Red Demonic Seahorse. I asked Fish Tiki about it and he said nothing. The ways of Tikis are strange and unknowing. I spoke with some other Tribers and Tribbettes and many spoke of their ghostly encounters. I told them it was all part of their imagination, yet they insisted. Water Tiki had asked for some decorations for the Water Tiki Temple. I figured a few good sculpts would keep him happy so I went to Nya's. I had just recovered from my teleport and what did I see a ghostly tiki staring at me with piercing glowing eyes. I reached out to touch it to prove to myself it was not an illusion and it faded away laughing. So he's not at all only at Lucky Tribe HQ but can be found at many of the Lucky Tribe locations and the Elemental Temples as well from the tales that pass thru the tribe. So that makes a total of four Halloween kudos so far. The tribe in on edge wondering whats next. Only time will tell, but don't wait too long. These limited duration kudos opportunities (LDKO) are only around until the end of October so go out there and get them! I might have been a sceptic at the beginning of the day, but by the end "I do believe in spooks" and that's what I want you to tell me in an in world note card if you want my I love the blog badge. Only the first three people who send me the card will get my badge. Good Luck, Miranda Foehammer

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