Friday, 24 July 2009

Flickr Picks, 24th July

The Ancient Tiki Gods have cast their (increasingly irregular) eyes over the Lucky Tribe Flickr Pool, and have deemed the following submissions worthy of a Kudos award...

Devil Chair @ D&V 2

RachelJane Swanson supplies new photographic evidence that the D&V chair is possessed by the devil! (And apparently the owners of D&V found her impromptu chair-mods so amusing that they're now a permanent fixture!)

Fnordian Link sings the

Fnordian Link celebrates a full collection of Lucky Fish (Perhaps prematurely ... Sorry Fnord'... we've just released a whole new set of fish into the wild!) - click through to see this masterpiece in detail!

Mushi-King Dance

...and Bird Susa has posted a whole bunch of captioned photos from the King Amanita event. Bird has already picked up the Flickr Kudos prize once, but we loved her pics so much that we thought these were worth another honourable mention :)

Congratulations to all our snapshot winners!

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