Friday, 3 July 2009

Friday Photos

Things have been slowing down in the Lucky Tribe Flickr group of late (I guess many of the regular visitors have won the kudos badge now), so this might become a slightly less-regular feature in future weeks. However - before this particular award sinks into hiatus hell - there are a couple of new submissions that the Ancient Tiki Gods believe deserve full recognition...

Nya Raymaker added a whole series of snapshots chronicling her aventures in the Fnordian-Moon Labyrinth:

2 now that is definitely vegetarian

6 hah - I gotcha - dinner time

(see, I *told* you to take a salad fork!)

And finally - (I couldn't resist ending on this) - Airlia Illyar captures VictoriaRose in a compromising position...

You go BOOM!
BOOM! (Luckily, VR remembered to wear undies that day!)
Thanks to everybody who has submitted a picture to the Lucky Tribe group :)

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