Thursday, 30 July 2009

Prize Spotlight: Haven Designs

If you look in my inventory you'll see that I have forty-one sets of silks from from nearly a dozen designers. That doesn't count the ones I have in storage or in my twin/alt's inventory. Over the last year I may have discarded that many silks. So why did I want the Haven Designs (SLurl) *HD* Dara Silks - Gold? Just look at the picture ... they are gorgeous! The detailed prim work on the arm band and skirt is about as perfect as can be. The bows are just the right size and beautifully accented by decorative rings. The textures are good quality and stand up to inspection with few flaws. What I really like is the shoulder cape. This bit is not typical to silks and adds an exciting flair to the overall design. My inventory has some room for genuinely nice sets like this one.
Maybe silks aren't for everyone, but Kudos certainly are. If you haven't gotten the "Summer of Blog" points yet, contact me in-world and I'll send to you a prim you can rez or wear that will add 15 points to your total. Limit of seven readers, please.

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