Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Prize Spotlight: Kero's Toy Box Store

:::giggles insanely as she tags everything in sight::: I need to earn more Kudos as I just used my last Prize Ticket on this really fun gadget from Kero's Toy Box Store (SLurl), a "golden" spray paint can that writes any Graffiti you want in a variety of colors and your choice of three fonts. Each letter is a prim so you'll need build rights where you want to do your tagging. Since I see myself using this to make temporary signs for sales and events where I work this should not be a problem. Certainly any merchant or builder will love this, but even the imps among us will appreciate this prize. Especially when you consider similar products are in Kero's store for L$300 !! BTW . . . Do you need more Kudos, too? The first seven people to give me a holla in-world with the phrase "I be spittin' overkill tag wit fatcaps" will get a prim they can wear or rez for 15 Kudos. If you've nabbed the Summer of Blog Kudos from me before just hold tight and let someone else get them. Like any Kudos you can only get them once. Got our seven as of 10am SLT 23 July. Keep reading!


  1. This prize is awesome! - I grabbed one straight after reading uccie's review, and I'm still playing with it! ... thanks for the heads-up! :)