Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The Ritual of the Elements

The Elemental Tikis

Introducing... the Four Elemental Tikis

The Elemental Tikis represent the "classical" elements of ancient philosophy and magick: Air, Water, Fire and Earth.

Every member of Lucky Tribe has a special affinity to one (and only one!) of the four Elemental Tikis. This affinity is permanent, and - once discovered - can never be changed.

A new Lucky Tribe ritual has been revealed, through which you can deduce your own elemental affinity. The ritual involves the use of a Scrying Pool, and a Hookah pipe. Knowledge of the precise ritual is a little fuzzy at present ... but a small number of Lucky Tribe Members have already deduced the basic techniques of hydromancy, and have been able to identify their own elemental affinity (earning a special 40 point Kudos award). As with all Lucky Tribe rituals, the process depends on co-operation, organization, and knowledge-sharing. The Lucky Tribe group chat is a good (?) place to begin your quest for knowledge :)

A few ritual items have been placed at Tribe HQ, for general use by the tribe. Alternatively, you can purchase your own hookah and scrying pool from HQ, and experiment with the ancient arts of hydromancy at the location of your choice (all sales contribute to the ongoing upkeep of Lucky Tribe!)

How will your elemental affinity affect your future adventures in Lucky Tribe? Only the ancient Tiki Gods know the answer....

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