Sunday, 5 July 2009

Prize Spotlight: CC Decor

When Shep announced there was a store called CC Decor (SLurl) I had to check it out as my brother is named CC. No relation to the shop, of course, but I did make a landmark for him because he'd love the furniture, like this "Natural Calm" bedroom set I got with my latest Tribe Prize Ticket.
The bed has 18 poses for intimacy and nine for cuddles. The lounger has poses, too, which was a surprise. I didn't expect more than just a simple sit, but it has five total. Very, very nice. Silly me, I should have had higher expectations considering how well the six-piece set is made and textured. Run out and get more Kudos! Maybe from one of the three three Lucky Chairs on site. Whatever you have to do, this bedroom set is something you should put on your Want List.
Speaking of wants ... do you want 15 Kudos? The first seven tribe members to contact me in-world mentioning this post and using the phrase I love to cuddle in bed will get a special prim they can rez or wear for the points. If you've gotten the special 15-pointer before please crawl back in bed for a snooze and give someone else a chance.

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